About Corey Ann

My name is Corey - I add the Ann (my middle name) on for my "online" personality so that people know I am female - you have no idea how many times I'm called Mr.! Below is a bulleted list - totally random - about things about me, my work and what I am all about! I believe that much of your investment isn't just in the images I can produce but also in the personality that comes with it!

The basic info...

• You can call me Corey or Corey Ann. Both are fine!

• I am 39 years young and married.

• My first name is because my parents thought I was going to be a boy. They decided to keep it after I was born and added Ann as my middle name after my Great Aunt Ann. I was almost named Bridey however! Wouldn't that have been a great name to have in Wedding Photography??

• I live in North Canton, Ohio and will travel up to one hour from my home free of charge. After that I do charge a travel fee based on the destination.

• I live in the same house I grew up in but also my Mom grew up in. My grandparents had the house built in the late 1950's and lived here until their death and we bought it. My husband bought it from my Dad and remodeled it. I have a lot of emotional ties to this home!

• I love to travel and I love to drive. If you bring me out of my home base, I will do a happy dance. I adore destination weddings - I had one myself.

• I got married on the beach in 2007 and had my first dance in the pool. Some of my favorite images from the day are from when my photographer went underwater and got images from underwater. That's what totally sold me on shooting wedding photography.

The photography...

• I have been taking pictures ever since I can remember. My father minored in photography in college and I grew up mimicing him. I started taking pictures for friends in 2000 and started taking clients in 2007. I had a picture I took of wild horses in North Carolina published when I was thirteen and I have been published in other magazines since then.

• I promise the above makes me cringe because every photographer has a similar story. I swear mine is true though ;)

• I shoot Nikon (D750, D4, D700) but have a Canon film SLR - so I hold no loyalties to one brand!

• In the event of a crisis, I have a large network of photographer friends whom will fill in for me in a pinch. I firmly believe in backup plans because you never know what can happen. Recently I filled in last minute for someone that had a heart attack and had never missed an event in 20 years - it can happen to everyone. If possible I will make sure that you approve of the person I am contracting and I will also still process images unless it is not possible.

• My photography hero is Brooke Mayo who shot my wedding in 2007. If you are vacationing in the Outer Banks, NC I highly recommend her to do your family portraits or any kind of shoot. She's created a nitche for underwater doggie portraits which are a MUST for the doggie in your life!

• When I was a kid I wanted to be a photographer for National Geographic. Since I'm allergic to cold temperatures, I had to settle for a photography career in a more temperate environment.

• Travel photography is my passion after weddings. After "wedding season" I usually unwind by heading on a trip to take pictures of landscapes (that usually have lighthouses).

• I have been published in print in Everywhere Magazine, Carpenter Magazine, The Knot: Ohio, Rangefinder Magazine and the New York Times. I have been published online on Wedding Bee, Wedding Chicks, AOL Aisle Dash, Polka Dot Bride, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Offbeat Bride, Style Me Pretty, Northwoods Wedding, One Wed, Get Married, Glamour, New York Times, CNN, Lover.ly. I have also been on television on Newschannel 5, CNN and on the Today Show.

• I am a proud member of WPJA, ISPWP and PPA. Not that I expect those letter to really impress anyone but other photographers!

• I've taken classes or have been mentored by some of the top wedding photographers in the world including Mike Colon, Cliff Mautner, David Beckstead and Robert Evans.

The random...

• I have a tendency to hurt myself in the most random ways possible. Nothing to the point where I could not shoot but just random events. Case in point, in Las Vegas I was doing a bridal shoot in a field of cacti and I fell into one (don't do this, the needles do not come out very easily!!!). My doctor is always mystified when I come in and I think I give the office a lot of laughs.

• I love to drive. LOVE it. Driving is made even better with navigation. If I'm not driving my car that has navigation (an Infinit G37x which I ADORE) I'm using Siri. Who sometimes wants me to take tractor paths instead of roads.

• I am a night owl so if I answer your emails late at night that is why.

• I am a total ocean baby. If I ever leave Ohio it will be to see the beach and smell the salt air on a daily basis.

• I have been to 29 of the 50 states and to Mexico, Canada, Bahamas, Jamaica, Belize, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. My goal is to have visited all 50 states and 10 countries by the time I'm 50.

• I may have a love affair with Amazon.

• I belong to Amazon Vine which is product testers for Amazon. I get to read books months before they come out and test out new gadgets and review them. It's a pretty awesome gig.

• I think IKEA needs to open a store in Northeast Ohio.

• Summertime storms are one of my favorite things to enjoy.

• I love daffodils and lilacs.

• In my downtime I will be found curled up with my Kindle.

• I read over 100 books a year. People often ask where I find the time, I just MAKE the time. I read before bed every night, it's what I do to chill out and I've read a book before bed since I was 5. I am lost without a book nearby.

• I have no favorite author as I'll read just about anything that strikes my fancy. The only thing I'm not big into is Sci Fi. From old (Jane Austen) to new (Janet Evanovich) I read it all.

• I love animals - ALL animals. I have tried to pet wild animals in the wild - and have been successful. My father encouraged this but my Mom fainted when I came home carrying a opossum. I am that house that all of the wild cats wind up at. I have pet squirrels outside that have been known to knock on my office window to get my attention to toss out some more squirrel food for them. I'm a crazy animal lady!

• We own two cats, Dobby the House Cat and Monkey. They were both rescues and they are the best. While we love dogs our schedules are more cat friendly.

• If you bring a dog to your session with me I may love on it a lot.

• I realize I am a robe short of being a cat lady.

• I am an orphan but I am blessed to have my Dad's best friend and his family take me into their fold. They are amazing.

• I have a bit of a nerdy side and I recently (as in just a couple years ago) finally relented and read Harry Potter and wondered why in the world it took me so long. If I only read it sooner maybe I'd have got my letter for Hogwarts... ;)

• I am a New Kids on the Block fan, don't judge!!! I've been lucky enough to meet all 5 members of the band and they have all lived up to the (very high) expectations of my youth.

• This domain used to be a Titanic movie fansite. When I was a child I was fascinated with the story after my grandparents gifted me a subscription to a National Geographic kids book club that included a "Hidden Treasures of the Sea" which featured the newly found Titanic. When the movie came out I was a bit obsessed with it for a couple years and coreyann.com was purchased in early 1998. While that ship has sailed (ha) I'm glad that I was an early adopter of having your own URL. Nerdy side shows itself again...

• My other "fandom" is Anne of Green Gables (the mini series but I do enjoy the new Netflix series Anne With an E) and the "Anne" world that includes Road to Avonlea. I was lucky enough to meet Jonathan Crombie before he passed away and he was every bit as wonderful and kind as one would imagine him to be.