About Photo Stealers

In May of 2012 I created a website called Stop Stealing Photos, also known as Photo Stealers. This site was created to help protect the integrity of the industry, my fellow photographers businesses (no matter where they are) and in the end, you, the consumer.

One of the most important things to take into consideration when choosing a photographer is their portfolio. Having a good price is useless if they produce completely unusable photos. What many unscrupulous “businesses” do to pad their portfolio is use images stolen from real working photographers and pass them on as their own work (either by directly claiming the photos as their own or by omission). You, the prospective client, hire a photographer based on the work of other photographers and usually receive images that do not compare; after all, if the photographer was capable of producing similar images, they would be using their own images. The end result is that the consumer feels scammed and is less likely to invest in photography, which then hurts the industry that I love.

My work on Photo Stealers has made me very unpopular with those who have been outed on Photo Stealers and some have retaliated against me personally and my business in several ways (fake reviews for example) which is why I'm posting this on my business page so potential clients are aware of where this stems from. I bear this aggression and dedicate a portion of my time to that blog because I think it is important to defend the integrity and reputation of real photographers who produce beautiful work for their clients.

To learn more about how to protect yourself from hiring a fauxtographer, read my blog about it here.

Photo Stealers has been featured on Newsnet5, The Guardian, Peta Pixel, F Stoppers, Design Aglow and more.