Monthly Archives: April 2008

Cooking 101

Tonight I took the lazy way out of making dinner and threw in some frozen yummies in the oven for dinner for me and my hubby.  The kitchen smelled… odd.  When it came time to take out the dinner and give it a stir, I was startled to find something stuck to the bottom of […]

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Calling All Readers!!!

I have a question for you all.  I am a photographer and also I have to sell myself.  I am not great at putting a pricetag on myself as my fellow photographers have gently put it (much love to all of you, I needed that).  I recently raised my prices but one thing that I […]

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I recieved the amazing news today that an image of mine from Miami is going to be published in Everywhere Magazine!  It’s a great new travel magazine that allows its readers to submit their images to be published.  I submitted a couple when I saw that they were looking for images from Miami and never […]

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