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Virtual Vacation: Prince Edward Island Part Two

On the second day of my tour of Prince Edward Island, I decided to go hit the south shore of the island from near Summerside and drive the rest of the coast going east and ending around Cape Bear. The reason I chose this route was because of the lighthouses along this trip. As I […]

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This morning I was greeted with a lovely surprise, that CNBC had used one of my pictures on their website. It is an image I took of South Beach in Miami during our honeymoon that’s been published before, but I was still super stoked and happy. Then this evening I found out that one of […]

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Virtual Vacation: Prince Edward Island Part One

My wedding season doesn’t begin until May and I didn’t want to just start taking a bunch of shots of my cats to keep the blog busy so I’m going to start posting pictures from past vacations I’ve taken. With the crazy Ohio weather lately, we can all use a virtual vacation right? I’m going […]

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