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Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast

I’ve done a few Halloween blogs in the past like this one from the Ghosts & Graveyard Tour in Boston on Halloween (with a cameo by the amazing Alison Arngrim) or this one from my stay at The Myrtles Plantation a few years ago.  Here’s the latest addition from my trip a week ago to Maine […]

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Chalet Debonne Vineyard Wedding with Megan and Yves

I apologize for the HUGE lapse in blogging – it’s been a crazy busy month!!!  October is always busy due to the gorgeousness that is Ohio in autumn but this year was especially crazy.  I’ve been on the road more than I feel like I’ve been off of it but the end result is a […]

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Massillon Backyard Wedding with Angela and Kevin

It used to be that June was “the” wedding month and all other months were just bridesmaids to the June bridal month.  However, times have changed and at least for me, September and October are “where it’s at” when it comes to popular wedding dates.  This year was no different but there was one thankful […]

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