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I love love love it when I get past bridesmaids as clients.  It’s always super awesome because I already know them and they know how it rolls on wedding days with me.  It’s also fun to see past brides and grooms since I consider them all friends 🙂  I have to admit Katie & Grey became one of my favorite clients ever when they had CUPCAKES ready for me when I arrived!  Katie is a fantastic wedding invitation designer so her wedding was a photographers DREAM to shoot because not only did she have amazingly gorgeous details but she is in the industry so she tailored her wedding for optimal wedding photography opportunities.  Love!


“We first met Corey in August ’09 because she was shooting our friend’s wedding – Carla and Craig. I was a bridesmaid so I got to spend a lot of time with her. But I first started admiring her work a year earlier, and kept her in the back of my mind, and after Carla and Craig had their engagement photos done, I got on the phone to see how she liked her! Of course, Carla loved her, and I put in our call and booked her after we were engaged. Since we live in Columbus, and Corey is in Canton, we didn’t actually meet Corey until Carla and Craigs wedding, after we had booked her! — Booking Corey was the first, easiest, and most stress-free vendor booking we did after we got engaged!

You should really enjoy being around your photographer because they are going to be with you, all day. They are there for all your sweet and semi-private moments. Its SO important to trust and enjoy them, and that is exactly how we felt about Corey. She is sweet, helpful, jumps in when she needs to take charge, and sits back when she doesn’t. Also, she was SO accommodating when we told her we wanted to have our fur-son come join us for some of our photos, and accommodated our very full schedule and large families. It means so much to us that she took the time to capture all of the little details that we had incorporated into the day because they all meant so much to us. She captured every single one of them!

I loved Corey’s ability to capture the emotional moments and her photos are so filled with life! The images we got are bright and colorful and really help convey the fun, and lively atmosphere we had. Working in the wedding industry, I have been looking at wedding images for years and Corey’s always stood out and spoke to me.

Thanks Corey – You were a wonderful part of our wedding day and it was a pleasure to have you with us. The only drawback is now I can’t wait to do more photo shoots with you!

p.s. Corey is the fastest photo-proofer in the west. She had our photos online in the blink of an eye!”


bride getting makeup done at studio fovero in columbus



bride putting her dress on in columbus ohio

dress w/ allison


Bride ready for the day



bride and groom doing first look in german village in columbus ohio

before first look


bride showing groom how she looks during first look

check me out (Well, how do I look??)


bride and groom kiss in park in columbus ohio

Katie & Grey, foot pop!


bride and groom with their dog in columbus ohio

mason (Day wouldn’t be complete without a shot with our Mason)


bride with bridesmaids in park in columbus ohio



corey ann brides doing a happy dance

corey brides! (Carla and I with our “Corey Brides” dance!)


groom and groomsman pose in park in columbus

silly guys


bride and groom have a drink at surly girl saloon in columbus

beer gulp (We went for a drink at the bar where we first met)


bride's brother walking her down the aisle at holy trinity in columbus ohio

ross and katie aisle (My brother walking me down the aisle, I love this shot)


bride and groom walk back down aisle at Trinity Episcopal Church in Columbus

back up the aisle


bride and groom share a kiss holding jeni's ice cream in columbus

icecream (Yum! Jeni’s Ice Cream Kiss!)


bride and groom enter reception at the loft at smith brothers in columbus ohio

coming into reception  (I LOVED this moment and love that we have this shot!)


bride and groom during toasts at the loft at smith brothers



bride and maid of honor crying during groom toast

Grey’s toast (Grey’s toast was so sweet it made us all cry)


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