Portrait | The Lindsey Family | Strafford, NH

• A couple weeks ago I made a super quick trip to New Hampshire to visit with my friend Gianina and to finally (FINALLY!) meet Diana whom I’ve been friends with online since 2001.  Diana is from Australia and her visits here have never quite matched up with timing to be able to meet but this time we made it work – I just crashed part of her visit with Gianina!

• I flew in one day just in time to celebrate Cameron’s 5th birthday with the Lindsey family and the next day was spent touring Vermont and seeing lots of covered bridges (next blog!) and flew out early the next morning.  Talk about a quick trip!  I think I’m still catching up from that one!

• I just adore this family so much.  It was lovely being able to spend more time with Gianina, Tim and their adorable boys but even more so to meet more of the clan.  Tim’s Mom is one of the sweetest women I’ve met in my life!  Yay for meeting lovely people!

• Every time I lose a loved one, I become more and more of an advocate of family pictures.  This past Christmas I made everyone take family pictures and now everyone is so glad (even though at the time everyone was really not in the mood because we had just received the news that Denise’s cancer had returned) because that’s the last posed family portrait people have with Denise.  This trip was just the same, I forced everyone to go outside to take some posed portraits.

• Stay tuned tomorrow for pics from Vermont!


family portrait outdoors in New Hamshire

Tim’s sister and her family got to go first, mostly because their boys are a bit older and were easier to wrangle up!


brothers posing outside in strafford new hampshire

Maxwell on the left is so darn good with all the kiddos, however when I asked him if he wanted to be my assistant he seriously informed me that he is going to be a chef.  I later found out that he has menus and recipes already set for his restaurant.  LOVE!


cousins posing for a portrait in the shade in New Hampshire

All of the cousins but one!  Their oldest cousin wasn’t there that day, hopefully next time!


family portrait outside in new hampshire

I seriously love this family so, so much!  You guys are amazing!


child enjoying fairy bread for his birthday

Gianina is also Australian so when Diana came over she brought some Aussie sprinkles so they could make traditional fairy bread for Cameron for his birthday.  He loved it!  So did I!  Who knew butter and sprinkles on bread could be SO good?!


child blowing out candles on cupcakes

Cameron didn’t quite get the blowing down pat so Gianina had to help him a smidge!  I looove the party hats!

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