Miss Sydney is 4

It’s amazing to me to watch my friend’s children grow!!!  I have done a few sessions with Sydney over the years (here, here and here are just a few) and each time she just makes me smile.  She’s adorable and fun and still begs to go home with me each time I go see her!  It’s hard not to love it – and I have to admit, I love being called Miss Corey.  Why don’t people do the Miss thing up here in the north??

This year Sydney was a LOT more active and not wanting to look at the camera much but I still got a few good portraits while we were playing.

After Sydney and her Mom picked me up at the Gulfport Airport we headed out to the beach for some portraits.  It was raining so we had to drive out of it and make quick work of the little time we had.  It was CRAZY windy and there was also oil on the beach so we didn’t go near where the water had washed up.  We ended up not staying long due to the rain, wind and oil.  Windblown sand is NOT enjoyable for faces or cameras!


Sydney practiced some of her dance moves on the beach.


Not sure what move this is??  Not long after this she flung some sand around – 2 years later and she still loves to play in sand!


The next day we met up with my friend Lisa and her two adorable girls (coming next on the blog!) at City Park.  It was raining, again, so we couldn’t go to Longue Vue (someday I hope to make it there!) so we opted to stay where there was more cement.


Sydney was not digging my camera this day but I’m glad I got this shot, it’s a smidge sassy with a bit of serious thrown in.  Love!


This is what happens when you take pictures near a playground and tell a 4 year old that you are going to eat instead of play.  Sydney wasn’t a happy camper about that decision! LOL!

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