Alley Cat Oyster Bar Event with Sips and Dips

Every year I volunteer my services to Sips & Dips which is an amazing event put on for Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital.  For many years they stuck to the same place but for the past few years they’ve broadened their horizons and have started to go to various areas in and around Cleveland.  This year’s event was at the Alley Cat Oyster Bar.  Unfortunately there was a TON of rain that night so the outside deck was tented but it was still a fantastic event!

I’m so glad that I’ve been able to be a part of this fantastic fundraiser for the past few years and every year it seems to get even better!

 When you arrive at the event you are given a wine glass for all of the sampling in your future!

Typically near the glasses they also have some kind of bubbly to start you off with.  This year it was one of my favorite proseccos!

Over the years they’ve had a few different fun things to win and the wine pull started a few years ago and has been a big hit.  Wente Vineyards graciously donates some various wine bottles and you draw a number and get the corresponding wine.

Throughout the event space are stations with various wines (and even a beer station) from Wente and Heidelberg Distributing.

The rain eventually let up and while it wasn’t much of a sunset at least the guests were able to take in the beautiful views from the rooftop deck on top of Alley Cat Oyster Bar.

Inside there was all kinds of yummy “dips” provided from Alley Cat.

It always seems that no matter what the date of the event, the weather isn’t ideal but everyone always makes the best of it!

Every year he makes me smile!

There’s always SO many smiles around the room!

The wine, of course, is always flowing.  As it should be!

One of the best parts of the evening is listening to the good that comes from events like these.  The stories are always inspiring and wonderful and I’m so proud to be a (small) part of it.

Sometimes people even dance if the mood strikes!

Before I left I was able to get an image of these two board members with photos from the children at Rainbow Babies & Children Hospital.  These are SO special and wonderful (as are these people).