Corey Talks: Time, Time, Time!

One of the very last things I ever want my couples to feel on the day of the wedding is rushed.  However it seems that more often than not that’s how the wedding day ends up rolling due to trying to cram in too much in too little of time.  Sometimes I’m able to finagle a way to make things work to give everyone some breathing room but often it just isn’t possible.  So today’s blog is about giving yourself some TIME!  I’ve touched upon this in my timelines blog but I wanted to further elaborate on this subject and concentrate on the time for portraits.

As my friend Kate McElwee recently remarked, “[the wedding day] is an experience, this day, a time to relax and love, to wander – meander – to smile and spend a little time with the one[s] you love. Not: bam bam bam next bam bam bam next bam.”  I’m quoting her because I couldn’t say it any better myself and is what inspired this blog.

Your wedding day is such a big day and no matter what, it will flash by in an instant and all that will be left is memories, a few mementos and your photographs (and possibly video).  That’s it.  These items will become heirlooms for future children and generations to come.  Those extra 30 minutes that you could have spent getting quality images for future generations to get to know you by are often tossed aside because people are worried that guests will be upset they had to wait on a bride and groom to arrive to the reception from taking pictures.  In 5 years what are you going to be more upset about, guests having to wait on you to get your pictures or the images you didn’t get to make the guests happy?  I don’t know about you, but in all the years I’ve been attending weddings I’ve NEVER once been upset about waiting on the bride and groom.

In an ideal world, I like to have at least 1 hour of active shooting time after portraits for solid picture taking time.  I start the session off with the bridal party and then dismiss them to spend the final 30-40 minutes with the couple.  The more time the better!!  Instead of slamming out poses and getting through the have-to-do’s this extra time allows me to let you guys visit and talk (often our portrait time is the ONLY time you will spend alone the day of the wedding, which is why I like to dismiss the bridal party if possible to allow you to have more quality time together).  While there are the standard poses I like to make sure you have, my favorite images and almost always the clients favorite images, come from the candid moments that happen between the couple which often can’t be scripted and rarely happens when we’re on a tight schedule.  If there is extra time (and sometimes there is) at the end it becomes a bonus because it gives you time to regroup, freshen up and collect yourselves before the next wedding day event…. and maybe sneak in a snuggle and a kiss.  If you want to get really crazy, schedule a break during the reception for you and your photographer to sneak out for some more portraits in the evening with the sunset and perfect light.  Not only are these images almost always my favorites but it gives you more images and another chance to regroup and reconnect with the one that this whole day is about: your partner.

Hopefully those marriedto-be’s out there keep this in their minds while planning.  Trust me, you will be thankful for every second (which are precious few!) during the wedding day that you aren’t worried about the time.



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