Destination Wedding | Christi and Eric | Carova, NC

•  I apologize for the silence on the blog over the past few weeks.  Sadly my sister in law lost her battle with cancer so my time spent at the computer was at a minimum.  I appreciate everyone’s kind words, thoughts and understanding during this time, it has meant so much to me.  Things are finally back to “normal” now so I’m playing catch up!

•  As I mentioned in their Rehearsal post, this wedding has been a long time coming.  I’ve been looking forward to capturing this day for quite some time!  The day was PERFECT and I am so glad that I was able to be a part of it.

•  I’ve been going to the Outer Banks since 1986 and I have never seen the 4×4 area’s beach as much of a mess as it was when we were there.  High tides + a drought made for some really awful beaches to drive on.  We made it though but we’re still waiting for something to fall off of our car from the ordeal!!

•  Since I got married in the Outer Banks I don’t typically get to work with my wedding vendors so it was a real treat to be able to work with my florist and salon again!  I am envious of those that work where they got married that get to do this on a frequent basis.  In case anyone’s reading… I love the Outer Banks and will travel to shoot!  Just thought I’d put that out there!

•  The weather was a tinge on the cool side and breezy so the outdoor dinner was moved inside and in the end I’m kind of glad it was so that they had two different looks for their wedding (rehearsal and wedding day).  It worked out!


Wedding Vendors

Catering:  Chef Franko with At Your Service
Event Home: The Hemingway at Twiddy
Florist:  Renee Landry Style
Officiant:  Rev. Shirley Anne with Carolina Wedding Co.
Rentals:  Ocean Atlantic
Salon:  Eden Day Spa


bride getting hair done at eden day spa in corolla ncI loved all of Christi’s curls!


bride getting makeup done at eden day spa in corolla nc


ring bearer holding starfish by renee landry style in carova ncThis pretty much summarizes why my wedding florist is flat out awesome.  Isn’t this the most splendid ring bearer “pillow” you have ever feasted your eyes on?  Renee Landry, you are seriously fantastic!!


ring bearer with mohawk and flower girl before ceremony at the hemingway in carovaThe only thing that tops the starfish is his hair!  LOVE!


bride laughing as she's getting ready at twiddy's the hemingway event homeChristi’s laugh is infectious!


groom waiting for his bride by the beach in carovaEric patiently waiting to get things going! He never was a bit nervous!


bridal party walking down stairs to beach in carova ncI love, love, loved the colors for this wedding.  They really popped against the beach!


ring bearer and flower girl walking on beach in carova ncThese guys were so darn cute.  I love Lana’s flower girl bucket, such a great idea!


bride walking down aisle with mother in corolla, ncChrist’s Mom escorted her down the aisle.  *happy sigh*


beach ceremony in front of The Hemingway in Carova NCInstead of the traditional “rows” Christi and Eric decided to have everyone form a circle instead which I thought was a great idea!


bride and groom reciting vows on the beach in carova ncThe ring exchange is always so beautiful!


bride and groom's first kiss in the outer banks*smooch*


bride and groom nuzzle after being pronounced man and wifeFrom the moment I captured this image I fell in love with it.


bride and groom walking on beach in carova ncThey took a small private stroll after the ceremony to have a moment to themselves.  The deep ruts in the sand though made it a bit tricky!


groomsman laughing about an injuryThe night everyone arrived Bruce (bent forward) made the mistake of drinking in the hot tub.  When he got out he was disoriented and fell down cutting his scalp.  Everyone was really worried about him but he luckily was OK save for some lost pride and a cut on his head.  Since he was OK, everyone felt free to rib on him for the rest of the week for his misstep.

I also have to toss in here that I adore when family is the bridal party and Eric’s Dad and Uncle were his fellow groomsman.  LOVE.


grooms father giving a toast before dinner in carovaEric’s Dad gave a really lovely toast prior to the meal.


corolla wild horse running by the hemingwayEn route to the beach after dinner for some more portraits we had a herd of horses run by us!  It was fantastic and just so wonderful to watch.  I could watch these guys play all day!


bride and groom on beach with reflection in tidal pool in carova ncI have a similar wedding image from my own wedding and I’m so happy that I was able to recreate it for Christi and Eric.


bride and groom on beach in the outer banks after their weddingI really like tidal pools!


bride and groom spinning on beach in the outer banksWhile I was capturing this image…


bride and groom on beach with surfers behind them in carova nc… my husband was capturing this image incorporating the surfers into the image.  I love each of these images equally and couldn’t decide which to blog so you got both!


bride and groom strolling on the beach in the outer banksI love that there are two birds in the upper left mimicking the lovebirds.


bride and groom getting hit by waves on the beach in front of the hemingwayThis image makes me laugh every time I see it.  I went a bit into the water (despite it being QUITE chilly!) to get an image of them with the water in front of them.  As my luck runs, a rogue wave came in that was much larger than the ones prior to it and water went from my ankles to my thighs and Christ and Eric got nailed.  I felt terrible but they were good sports… and this image makes me giggle!


bride and groom with names in sand in outer banks


wedding bouquet by renee landry styleI just loved Christ’s bouquet by Renee Landry!  SO pretty!


wedding rings with books at The HemingwayThe Hemingway had a ton of books bound in leather and I just HAD to play with the rings with them!


wedding rings on starfish in the outer banksI  just adore Christi’s ring and have since I first laid eyes on it, the yellow diamond is so stunning!

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