Destination Wedding | K.C. and Kyle | Landoll’s Mohican Castle

•  I hate to start off such a happy event this way, but life happens.  Sadly two days before this wedding my beloved sister in law lost her battle with cancer.  There was never a thought of not going to this wedding – it’s part of the job that we can’t call out of work but I was so elated to find out that services were able to be planned around my commitments.  Beyond that I have to give out huge props to K.C. and Kyle for being so understanding and kind to me.  It really meant a lot to me.  This also goes out to everyone that was so patient and understanding over the past couple weeks that I wasn’t able to be as lightning quick with replies as I normally am.  Thankfully I am usually pretty on top of my game so nothing slipped behind but since I wasn’t at my computer email responses were not prompt.  I am back at work now and getting back into the swing of things.  Again, thank you for your patience!

•  Now onto better things!!  This wedding wasn’t a far-off destination but it still was a destination wedding here in Ohio.  Almost everyone attending this wedding either stayed on site or nearby in a local hotel and were shuttled into Landoll’s Mohican Castle.  I love when clients think of their guests driving after drinking!   This venue was definitely remote and it was such a crazy drive in, I cannot even fathom what would happen when trying to drive out of here under the influence.  Just when you are convinced though that you are lost in the woods the Castle appears!  Whew!  It was such a gorgeous venue and I’m so elated that I was able to add it to my list of venues shot.

•  In my 4 years of shooting, I have never had two brides have the same dress.  In a crazy turn of events, K.C. had the same dress that Christi had two weeks before!  It was SUCH a gorgeous dress that I was more than happy to have it revisit!  I found it ironic and funny that it was both destination weddings as well.

•  Sadly the week before the wedding, Kyle’s best man and brother had an accident that left him on crutches.  He was so worried all day about ruining their images and “look” of a wedding.  It was so sweet!!!  I’ve never seen a best man worry that much but he was all over it.  He even procured black Crown Royal bags to cover up the unsightly towels at the top of his crutches.  He even managed to get his shoe on for the wedding and pictures so that his foot wouldn’t be noticeable in images.  Now THAT is a best man!!  I’m still floored!   What’s even sweeter was that the bride and groom were not worried about it at all, it was all him.

•  Nothing makes my job better than clients who trust me.  When I suggested a few crazy-ish ideas, they didn’t even hesitate and went along with everything.  Love.  When you trust your photographer even if it may be a bit outside of the box, good things will happen, I promise.

•  I have had a few times where carriages were lined up but due to weather they never have been able to become a reality.  I FINALLY got a carriage at their wedding!!!!!!

Wedding Vendors

Bridal Gown:  Christina Wu via Cincinnati Bridal and Formal
Ceremony Music: Tom Harbrecht
DJ: Hitman Entertainment
Florist: Alta Florist & Greenhouse
Wedding Venue (Ceremony, Catering, Reception): Landoll’s Mohican Castle

wedding dress hanging outside at landoll's mohican castleSuch a gorgeous dress!


sparkly necklace from europeKC told me she loved sparkle and I am totally fine with that!  I can’t rave about this gorgeous necklace enough, isn’t it stunning?!


red orange pink bridal bouquet from alta florist in mansfieldThis bouquet was so beyond fantastic.  LOVE!


outdoor ceremony at landoll's mohican castle in loudonville ohioI absolutely adored this outdoor ceremony site!  SO beautiful!


red and orange table decor at landoll's mohican castleI popped into the reception hall and took some images of some pieces that were complete.  I adored these tables so much!


monogrammed brownies and buckeyesI love that in lieu of cake they opted to have brownies and buckeyes instead!  There was a small grooms cake though as well but this was just wonderful!


groom outside before wedding at landoll's mohican castleOn my way back to the bridal suite I ran into the groom and groomsman.


groom hugging his mother outside of landoll's mohican castleKyle’s Mom ran into him as she was trying to find the bride and they had a emotional moment.  So sweet!


horse and carriage waiting for the bride in loudonville ohio

I love love loved this horse and carriage!


bride's father helping her out of the carriage at landoll's mohican castleKC’s father elegantly helped her out of the carriage when they arrived at the ceremony location.


ring bearer and flower girl at landoll's mohican castle in loudonville ohioI love when a flower girl makes sure to drop LOTS of petals!


bride being escorted down the aisle by both parents


groom tearing up after seeing bride for the first timeKyle’s expression when he first saw KC is priceless!


bride and groom reciting vows outside at landoll's mohican castleIt was such a beautiful day!


bride and groom laughing during ceremony at landoll's mohican castleI love when there is laughter during a ceremony.


bride and groom kissing in horse drawn carriageWhile I loved their first kiss, the one in the carriage is just a bit more romantic!


groom helping bride out of carriage in loudonville ohioKyle is SUCH a gentleman!


groom and groomsman laughing at landoll's mohican castleThese guys were such a great bunch!


bride and bridesmaids at landoll's mohican castleThe colors!!!!!  GAH!


bride and groom at landoll's mohican castle in loudonville ohioAren’t they gorgeous?


groom kissing bride's shoulder at landoll's mohican castleThey are so easy to photograph!


bride and groom standing at gate at landoll's mohican castleOne location on their must-shoot list was here at this gate because on their first trip here they stayed in the room here.  Aww!


bride and groom in front of landoll's mohican castleI had to have one with the castle!


bride and groom on stairs with shoes showingI adored KC’s entire ensemble – especially her shoes!  Look how fantastic these are!!!!!!!


bride sitting in a field at landoll's mohican castleI spied this gorgeous overgrown field and kept it in my mind as we were shooting.  I asked KC & Kyle if they minded going in and they were totally game for anything.  I then asked KC if she’d sit and she plopped right down without fussing a slight bit.  I adore this image so much but it got better from here.

This is why sometimes you just got to trust your photographer and go with it.  🙂


bride and groom sitting in a grassy field at landoll's mohican castleI love this photo so much, seriously.


bride and groom in a field in loudonville ohioHowever I also am in love with the zoomed out shot too!


bride and groom kissing in a field at landoll's mohican castleIt’s my blog and I’ll post as many images that are this awesome in the same area as I want to!

KC and Kyle.  You guys are awesome!


best man's toast at landoll's mohican castleThe best Best Man ever!


groom crying during toastThe toast was funny, sweet and a tearjerker!


Rose shaped diamond engagement ring

I love KC’s ring so, so much.  Kyle’s last name is a flower and that’s what the ring is designed to look like.  If memory serves, it is also a ring from a family member.  LOVE!


first dance at reception at landoll's mohican castle

I love the way the lanterns pop the background a bit during their first dance!


first dance at reception at landoll's mohican castle

They are just so lovely together!


bride and father dance a fast dance during reception

Instead of the traditional stand-and-sway father/daughter dance, KC and her Dad kicked up their heels to a faster paced song, so so fun!


groom and mother dance at landoll's mohican castle

Kyle and his Mom chose to go the traditional route but it was just as sweet.

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