Destination Wedding | Kelly + Sean | Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas, NV

•  I met Kelly in 2007-ish via a Flickr group Starting a Wedding Photography Business (or SWPB for short).

•  She second shot for me at John & Stacey’s wedding in 2008, flying up from Texas to shoot for me!  It was such a fun time and I wish she was closer to shoot with more often.

•  Kelly & Sean decided to elope in Las Vegas during WPPI – a week before they left for the trip.  They pulled it off without a hitch!! It’s crazy how quickly they were able to pull it all together!

•  They eloped in front of the Bellagio Fountains immediately after the show.  It’s not quite legal but no one tossed us out!

•  I photographed the getting ready segment of the day and some of the SWPB group met up with us at the Bellagio to take pictures of the wedding.  All in all there were 12 photographers shooting!!!!  Some of my partners in crime were: Christine Tremoulet, Daniel DunlapDustin Izatt, Jessica HortonLeo Druker, Luis Godinez,  Luis ToledoMike L. & Tommy Huynh (who almost fell into the water!).

•  The officiant USED A KINDLE!!  Be still my geeky heart!

Dress and shoes hanging at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas

Kelly’s dress and shoes were so darned cute!


Bride using iPhone 4 on wedding day

Kelly sending out a message on Flickr letting everyone know where to go for the wedding.


bride getting her makeup done at the mgm grand in las vegas, nv

Kelly was even able to coordinate a hairstylist and makeup artist in a week!


bride running to the ceremony in las vegas nevada

Due to crazy traffic we were running late so the fountain show had started so we had to RUN to get to the ceremony location.  Luckily we made it before the song was over!


ceremony on a kindle on las vegas strip in front of the bellagio fountains

Even though it may have been the shortest ceremony I’ve ever seen it may have been my favorite ever.


bride and groom getting married in front of the bellagio

I love this shot of Kelly putting Sean’s ring on.  You can also see the Kindle in action!


groom removing bride's birdcage veil at the bellagio in las vegas

The light was amazing!


bride and groom first kiss at the bellagio fountains

Such a spectacular first kiss.


first kiss on the strip


backlit kiss in las vegas


dip and kiss at the bellagio in las vegas, nv

Gotta love a dip & kiss with a Marine!


bride and groom kissing in front of the bellagio fountains in las vegas

I absolutely love this shot 🙂


Bride posing with a camera

You have to have a shot of the photographer bride with a camera!


stranger thanking a marine for his service at his wedding

One of my favorite moments of the day was this random stranger coming up to Sean and thanking him for his service for our country.  So heartwarming!


group of photographers and bride and groom

Sean & Kelly walking away!


Everyone that was there for the wedding!  The officiant doubled as a photographer for this image.


Photos from the other photographers:

Daniel Dunlap – some fantastic shots of Vegas & I loooove the last image of Kelly & Sean.

J. J. Horton Photography – I love her shots of Kelly running onto the scene.

Leo Druker – I am in love with these images, especially the ones that really show how HUGE the crowd was that gathered to watch the wedding.  I’m in some of these shots!

Luis Godinez – Some stellar shots, especially of the Kindle in use!

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  • Luis GodinezMarch 14, 2011 - 4:51 PM

    The photos look beautiful. I love the shot just before the kiss. 🙂ReplyCancel