Destination Wedding | Scott and Kimberly | Windsor, CT

•  I first met Kim in 2001… I can’t recall which show we met at first but for the next couple years we would travel all over the country seeing Joe McIntyre and staying in hotel rooms together.  Kim now joins all my other “Joe” friends and/or their kids on the blog – Gianina (who was my kick butt assistant for this wedding), Lisa and Kimberly.   When it came time to choose a wedding photographer Kim told me she couldn’t find anyone in Connecticut that she liked as much as me.  Awwww.  So she flew me out!

•  I never had the pleasure of meeting Scott but as soon as I met him I knew why they were meant to be.  They are so similar in personality and complement each other perfectly.  It was lovely to see my friend SO happy and with someone so perfect for her.

•  One thing I love so much about them is that they took a trip to Colorado and loved it so much they picked up and moved from Connecticut.  No jobs lined up, no plans – just loved it and moved.  People that do that inspire me.  So amazing!  So this wedding was a bit of a destination wedding not only for me but for them as well.

•  I was so, so excited when I drove up and saw the church that the ceremony was in.  I love historic churches and it isn’t often that I get to shoot in one here in Ohio (I think I’ve only shot in one) – however in New England they are EVERYWHERE.  So I did a bit of a happy dance when I saw her adorable church that was built in 1858.

•  One of the neatest things during the ceremony was the handbell ensemble.  The church was Kim’s from childhood and she used to be in the handbell ensemble so it was important for her to participate.  Not only were they magical sounding but really fun to watch them play!  Definitely something that was neat to see!

•  This year has produced some crazy weather.  The day before their wedding it wad 60º and pouring all day – to the point there was flood warnings.  All week it was predicted to do the same on their wedding day but magically the rain held off and it was dry and a crazy 80º and about a million percent humidity.  I have to say it was more sticky than most of the weddings I shot this summer with crazy mosquitos to boo thanks to the flooding from Irene.  I guess Ohio isn’t the only state with wild weather!

Wedding Vendors

Cake:  Cakes by Donna
Ceremony: First Congregational Church of Bloomfield
DJ:  DJH Productions
Florist:  Daley’s Florist
Reception & Catering: Hilton Garden Inn, Windsor, CT


silver wedding shoes

I loved Kim’s shoes!


bride putting on makeup in the mirror


first congregational church of bloomfield

The church that made us do a happy dance!


father walking his bride down the aisle in bloomfield ct

I love this image of Kim and her Dad walking down the aisle.


bride and groom exchanging vows during the ceremony at first congregational church of bloomfield

Ring exchange 🙂


bride and groom in front of church in bloomfield ct

Yes, I have a bit of a love affair with their church.


bride and groom in bloomfield ct


bride and groom after wedding in bloomfield ct

They are so darn cute together!


bride laughing

I love her laugh when she’s with Scott.


bride and groom with rolls royce in connecticut

One of the neat things was they had a Rolls Royce as their car from the ceremony to the reception!  Fun!


bride and groom entrance into hilton garden inn in windsor


bride and groom first dance in windsor connecticut

The first dance was sweet and romantic.


bride and groom cut the cake at hilton garden inn in windsor connecticut

The wedding rings on one of the amazing orchids in Kim’s bouquet.


bride and groom cut the cake at hilton garden inn in windsor connecticut

Their cake cutting was fun… this picture made me laugh!


ring bearer drinking out of a glass

While he’s only drinking water he does look like it is a bit stronger doesn’t it?


bride laughing

Since our roots go back to the New Kids On the Block I thought it was only appropriate that I request a New Kids song!  This is her reaction.  Ha!


bride dancing to new kids on the block hangin tough

Put your hands in the air wave them in the air!  If you’re ready to rock with the New Kids On the Block can someone say oh yeah!


wedding reception at hilton garden inn in windsor connecticut

Not only was there lots of laughs and fun on the dance floor but lots of cuddles and love during the slow songs as well.


Thank you Scott and Kim for having me out to your home state, not only was it amazing to see you two say I do but it was so great to see a dear friend marry someone so lovely!

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