Engaged | Erin & Eric | Lexington, OH

• Not to say that I haven’t had any fun engagement shoots before, but I have to say this couple wins for the most adventurous engagement session ever. We started out at a playground where Erin had no qualms about climbing onto anything. Then we went to a nearby park where Erin kicked off her shoes, rolled up her jeans and climbed through a creek to get to the spot she’d had in her mind. To finish off the engagement session we ended up at a nearby reservoir where the recent rains had left it muddy, muddy, muddy but they didn’t care and tromped through and even played leap frog! I’m still laughing about it!

• Erin & Eric were another couple that booked me without meeting me before so this was the first time I met them both. We hit it off immediately and had a great time (read above, who wouldn’t have a great time?!).

• This was our third try at scheduling this session – the first two were rained out/stormed out due to the crazy weather we’ve been having here in Ohio over the past few weeks. As they say though, the third time was a charm with gorgeous weather and beautiful light. I’m glad that it worked out this way because it was SUCH a fantastic day!

• Their engagement session was this past Friday – the same day as the Royal Wedding. SUCH a great date for an engagement session IMHO! I got up at 5AM to watch it live and was able to listen to the replay on my drive down to Lexington. NOTHING gets you into a more “engagement shoot-y” mood than listening to someone say “I will” – especially when that I will makes her a princess!


Photo Locations:

Western Elementary School
Bicentennial Park
Clear Fork Reservoir


engagement image on top of monkey bars in a playground in lexington

This is on top of monkey bars!


engagement portrait of bride against groom's chest

I captured this moment as they embraced, I loved the look on Erin’s face 🙂


couple kissing in a forest in lexington ohio during engagement session


couple smiling at each other in bicentennial park in lexington ohio

Love love love this image, favorite!


couple crossing a creek to take engagement pictures

While this may not be the most award winning image in the series, I had to show how dedicated these two were to getting some great engagement images!!!


couple sitting on a fallen tree over a creek in lexington ohio

The final result from all the work!  I love all of the images from this tree!  Such a fun spot!


couple kissing across a park picnic table in lexington ohio

I love the light at this time of day!  The couple is also pretty awesome as well.


engagement picture on top of a playground

They didn’t stop climbing after the creek, they also climbed on top of this thing too.  I use “thing” because I have no idea what the technical term is for this gym!  Anyone know?


silhouette engagement picture at clear fork reservoir in lexington ohio



couple playing leap frog during engagement session

I wasn’t kidding about the leap frog!  This is how they ended the session, awesome!


  1. Jason says:

    Wow! Excellent find and amazing shots and scans.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    Oh Kodachrome *sigh*

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