Engaged | Rick and Rebecca | Kelleys Island

•  Rebecca and Rick came to me via recommendation from Jessica and Larry.  It made me do a happy dance since I loved their wedding a lot!

•  This was my first trip to Kelley’s Island!  I’ve always meant to go but never have made it over when I’m in Port Clinton for the week.  I am going to have to return someday because the island is so charming!

•  This day may go down as one of the scariest days in my life.  We kept debating on the session as the weather was not the greatest but in the end the day was dry and while it was a tad windy we decided to go for it.  Well.  Little did I know that Lake Erie was a mess.  The waves were insane.  I don’t live on the lake but I do see it a fair bit and this is the craziest waves I’ve ever seen on the lake – they were ocean sized!!!  Which made for a very scary ferry ride.  I don’t scare easily but I was pretty much petrified on the ride over.  The waves were coming up over the sides of the boat and the nose kept diving down and water would spill over the front.  Keep in mind the front of the boat was a good 6 feet or so high at least.  I had one hand on the door handle and was madly texting my husband with the other telling him that I loved him in case I went down.  Yeah, a bit of a flair for the dramatic but I’m telling you – that was a ride to remember.  Thank goodness I don’t get seasick.  I was tempted to kiss the ground when I got to the island 😉

•  Once I stopped shaking I hopped in the car with Rebecca and Rick and we headed off for a super fun engagement session.  We started off at the cliffs where they got engaged on the north end of the island… which were getting POUNDED by waves so we had to adjust the original idea a bit.  We then headed off for the winery – which land was owned by Rick’s family for years – where we ran into past bridesmaid Jessica who works there.  How ironic is that!?  We then took a spin around the island and took more pictures in various photographic locations before I headed back to the ferry to go home.

•  I was very happy to find out that the waves had calmed down for my boat ride back and I got to see a really glorious sunset en route.  Oh and the rain started just after we ended our session!

engagement portrait on north end of kelleys island

Due to the crazy winds and waves we couldn’t get a picture of them out on the cliffs they got engaged at without them getting soaked so we had to settle for a picture a few feet in.  This is also the same location that Rick’s parents got engaged – awwww right?


engagement picture at kelleys island winery

This house, on the ground of the winery, is where Rick’s Grandfather lived.  Isn’t it cute?  They are currently renovating it to make it into condos!


engagement picture at kelleys island winery

One of the exterior walls of the house had some ivy growing on it and some great light in the location = portrait time!


engagement picture at kelleys island winery

The light was fantastic here so I took advantage of it while I had it!


engagement picture in goldenrod field on kelleys island

Across the street from Rick’s family’s house was this field of goldenrod.  They were great sports and were willing to go climbing in for some pictures.


engagement picture in goldenrod field on kelleys island

I’m glad they did because these are some of my favorite images from the session!


engagement picture by picket fence on kelleys island

This picket fence on their property was too cute not to use!


engagement picture on kelleys island

Here we are downtown… can’t tell can you?


silhouette engagement portrait on kelleys island

One thing Rebecca really wanted was a silhouette shot and she was worried that because of the overcast icky day we wouldn’t be able to get one in.  Luckily there was a smidgen of sky and while it wasn’t quite sunset, it was still colorful enough to use!


Look for these guys to return next July!



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