Olmsted Falls Engagement Session in the Fall with Deena and Spencer

Not long after I returned from my yearly trip to New England I met up with Deena and Spencer for their engagement session in Olmsted Falls.  The weather that day was kind of iffy and it was sprinkling a bit off and on but they decided to go for it since their schedules were pretty tight and they weren’t too bothered by a bit of rain.  I am SO glad they did because even though there was a bit of drizzle it really was a perfect day and the images we got were fantastic.

What’s even better is that they were able to have their THREE dogs brought in for the end of their session and you all should know by now just how happy adding beloved pets makes me!  I LOVE working with animals and these guys were a treat and joy to work with.  You’d think it would have been absolute chaos (well, it was a smidge) but they were all quite well behaved.

I can’t wait until I meet back up with these two in September!!