Rocky River Engagement Session with Ellen and Carolyn

I love when I’m able to be able to go to places with my couples that has some kind of meaning to them.  When trying to decide where to go for their engagement session Ellen suggested going to the falls overlook in Berea.  Her family has ties to one of the railroad bridges in the distance so it was a perfect place to begin their session.  Originally we had thought about going to Coe Lake after but instead we just bopped around Rocky River Reservation and played with the beautiful light – which was a dream with such a beautiful couple!

It was such a joy to work with Ellen and Carolyn.  I mean, what more can you say when a couple is willing to hike down to the river and around a park?  Carolyn was a woman after my own heart when I saw she wore sneakers so that she could hike around and brought her fancy shoes for when we were at the spot for pictures.  Look for these two to return in October and I can’t wait!


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