Surprise 50th Birthday Party

You may recognize this lovely family as Margaux has been on this blog quite a few times.  Margaux’s Mom, Barbee and I have been friends for what seems like forever – I was friends with her sister growing up and Barbee was the awesome older sister who would take us TPing.  Barbee’s parents are like my own and I spent much of my younger years over at their house.  On a cold but thankfully NOT snowy evening outside of Columbus, I headed down to photograph this amazing surprise party that Barbee had been planning for her husband Chris for at least a YEAR.  I’m still so impressed she was able to pull it off without Chris ever suspecting a thing!

The night was so much fun and it was lovely seeing just how many people adore Chris.  There were a few speeches and lots of dancing but most of all I will remember all the love I felt in that room that evening as everyone came together to celebrate Chris.

Happy 50th Birthday Chris!


I imagine that at this point in time Barbee was breathing a HUGE sigh of relief!


Chris isn’t one that is keen on being the center of attention but one can’t let an event pass like this without a few words from beloved friends.


Margaux rallied and managed to stay awake until her parents arrived, not long after though she gave in to Mr. Sandman and passed out.  For most of the evening she was passed from person to person – all delighted with the task – and snoozed the night away.


Friends came from near and far to wish Chris a very happy birthday.




Yet another set of willing arms for Margaux to cuddle in.


One thing that I loved seeing was how much FUN not only the adults were having but also the kiddos.  Often it’s either one or the other (generally kids on the dance floor early and then adults as the night wears on).  This party though the kids AND the adults rocked it out ALL night together.


One thing that is a silly pet peeve of mine at weddings is how once the dancing starts DJ’s tend to CRANK the music and the lights get dimmed.  Both of these make conversations so hard to hold!!!  While I love a good dance party I also love a good chat and so often families and loved ones only get together for big events and conversations are the parts of the night that will last in your memories.  It was nice to see that while there was music, it was at the level that still enabled people to pull up a chair and have a chat with one another.


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