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WPPI with a slice of shoes!

I will be out of town from March 11th- 20th because I will be attending WPPI in Las Vegas with a dear friend of mind, Kelly Ward.  WPPI to those of you that are not photographers is a huge convention that a lot of photographers go to every year.  I’ve never been so I’m quite excited.  I hear it is a great time – you learn a lot and you also get to meet some fantastic people.   Kelly and I are also flying in a day early to go to the Grand Canyon and to hit Route 66.  I can’t wait to travel with a shutterbug.  My husband is very tolerant of the “STOP!  I want a shot of that!” schreeches but I can imagine that it does get old.

So shoes.  We must talk footwear.  I’m a shoe girl.  Love the lovely shoes.  I keep chanting to myself “do not go to Manolo… do not go to Manolo” because I live in Ohio and there is no Manolo to be seen here.  Last March I took a trip to NYC to see The Drowsy Chaperone and also wanted to hit up Manolo when I was there for some kick butt shoes for the wedding.  Instead I ran into Ty Pennington and never made it to Manolo (true story).  So I still have yet to make it to my shoe-god store.  However… I have some shoes to cover the bases until then.  If you see me in Vegas heading towards Manolo do what you have to to get me away!  😉  Anyways… the reason I bring up shoes is because a friend sent me a pair of unusual shoes for Christmas.  I have an obsession with bubble lights and she found these somewhere and decided they must be mine.  I love them.  But… they are dangerous and well.  Here look…


Now you see what I mean?   Not exactly your average shoe… but they DO make a statement!  So I’m on the fence on if I’m taking them with and if I take them with if I am BRAVE ENOUGH to wear them in public.  But of all places in the world, I really think Vegas will be able to handle these babies long before Ohio will.  So… yay or nay?  I think with jeans I may be able to get away with it.  Maybe…

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Gotta take the bad with the good!

The BAD (slash sad)

I was SO excited for my shootsac the other week.  I’ve been waiting for it since I ordered… and waiting… and waiting.  Today I get a call that the cover that I was so excited to see – was sold out!  *sniffle*  They had tried to call me last week sometime but the phone number I gave was disconnected.  Darn sleep-deprived fuzzy married brain.  I keep forgetting that I have moved. 


Today I finally talked with Shootsac and not only do I get to stop shooting daggers of ice with my eyes towards the UPS man as he trucks on by my house, but I also get a free cover for the mess up!  YAY!  I’m still sad about my loss, that cover fit perfectly with my logo!!!!!!  However I really was lusting after gold strike and tranquility was a runner up so I got both of those.  Hopefully I will be as happy with them as I was/would have been with well rounded.  Still a bit of a bummer but I always appreciate a company that will go the extra mile to make things right!

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Christine Gacharna - I’m sorry; maybe a new camera strap will cheer you up? I just found these and got one to match my shootsac: http://www.myfunkycamera.com


admin -

Christine – Thank you!!!! I’ve never seen that site before!!!!

Of course the first thing I notice is a strap that would have matched well rounded. LOL!

Samantha - That happened to me too!!
I ordered Blush and Tranquil at almost midnight the night the sale started. Almost 3 weeks later and they still haven’t shipped? So I sent them nasty e-mails and they finally called me.
“Er, sorry about the mix up. Here, we’ll give you a free one to smooth things over.”
So, I was still pissed. But the free one helped. A little.

admin -

Samantha – Were you still able to get Blush?? I know that one sold out rather quickly. Part of my frustration with Well Rounded being sold out was that he said it sold out really quickly but I had to be one of the first orders b/c I ordered before the buzz was sent out! Ah well, I am hoping that my replacements are pretty.

I was wondering about how long it took as well and probably would have been firing off my own email had I not been in a cloud of drama last week. What cover did you choose as your freebie? I hope that yours make it to you ASAP!

Samantha - No! I was lusting after Blush, so I was website stalking that night to make sure I got it. But, oh no. They screwed up.
BUT, Tranquil, Brazen, and Touchy showed up at my door today. And Splendid is on it’s way. (That’s the one I won from JC’s blog.)
I’m still pissed, but oh well. Nothing I can do about it.

Samantha – Oh no! I was really hoping that didn’t happen! Blush was so pretty!!! It looks like Splendid (also another one I almost got) is now sold out as well. Man I guess I’m glad I ordered when I did, I had no idea that their covers sold so quickly. Maybe you will get lucky and they will have Blush at WPPI. I think I’m going to pick up a Baroque when I am there – that is one of my bride’s “colors” this summer and I think it would be too great to show up with a matching bag! I am crossing my fingers that it all shows up OK for you!!!

Feed the Birds… um Squirrels!

I like birds but for some reason the little furry guys have always captured my heart.  I have a few that knock on my office window during the day and chat at me.  I swear, I’m not making this up.  They are just cute and friendly and I love them!  So I started feeding them.  I can’t help but feel sorry that they can’t get to their buried treasure which is hidden beneath all this snow in Ohio!  So here’s a couple shots of one of my favorite guys nibbling on his lunch!

Tonight is Oscar night which is one of my favorite days of the year.  I adore the dresses and most of all THE SHOES!  I can’t wait until the red carpet kicks up!!!! 

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Lisa Stein - So cute, and congrats on your new blog, it looks great! So nice to open up a blog and see that cute face staring back at me with treats in the snow…thanks!

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