It’s a VERY low quality video… but for those of you that have never experienced a thundersnow you may like it blurred edges and all.  It was 4AM so I was a bit blurry myself but the weather geek inside of me had to try and get this on tape!

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Shivers from the timbers!

Starting on Monday night through Tuesday we got walloped with a heck of an ice storm!  Not only did we get a lot of rain and ice, but then the ice got to be so heavy that the brances of the trees started falling and taking down power lines with them.  We lost power on Tuesday around 2PM and we did not get it back until 3PM on Wednesday.  It was a very long and cold night here in Ohio for those of us without heat.  Then there was the constant bombs being dropped – aka transformers that were blowing up.  I don’t know to say if it was like being in a war or watching the Northern Lights attack back.  Constant BOOMS with blue and green balls of light shining for miles.  One of the oddest nights I feel that I have ever known. 

I couldn’t resist going out and taking pictures the minute the power came back and heat was restored.  I’m allergic to cold temperatures (yes, seriously) so I had to wait until I had a place to warm up besides my car (although that would work – with gas the price it is I’m not keen on wasting it!).  The pictures are interesting to say the least.  It very much reminded me of “A Christmas Story” when Ralphie wakes up on Christmas morning and looks out his window to see that his entire world is covered in ice. 

Here is a tester shot for the new blog of our deck and its icy decorations.  I’ll update this later with some more icy shots.

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  • Secram StudiosMarch 6, 2008 - 1:16 PM

    Corey…saw you comment on Stacy Reeve’s blog. Followed your link here and I am compelled to let you know I think you do beautiful work.

    Your pieces show so much character. I especially love the textures you incorporate into your shots.


  • CoreyMarch 6, 2008 - 4:27 PM

    Thank you so much for your kind comments!! ReplyCancel

Snow Days

This past month of February has been the snowiest on record for this area.  The kids are loving it but they are all about out of their allowed “Snow Days” per year so I think they are about done doing snow dances when the snow comes down.  After this they all have to make them up!  This past weekend we visited my brother-in-law and the kids were having way too much fun in the snow to not capture a few shots of them enjoying the day. 


This is when I had to quit because my niece thought that aiming at the camera was something “fun” to do with snowballs!!! 

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  • Lisa SteinMarch 14, 2008 - 8:22 AM

    Too funny. I too had to give up with the snowball photos on my blog for that very same reason! Love the movie Snow Day, tho we haven’t had a real one yet here in New York since my son has been in school. He can’t wait. Love the big air and the b/w, kids can’t resist rolling in the snow like dogs…ReplyCancel