Personal | 30 Day Photo Challenge | Gratitude

I’ve always MEANT to do one of these 30 day photo challenges.  I even aspired to do one in October but life got complicated, weddings didn’t lean themselves to the picture of the day challenge and honestly?  Some days I just don’t feel like picking up my DSLR.  Sad but true.  However I am always taking pictures with my iPhone.  Some are decent – some are just capturing the moment but it’s almost always by my side.  Oh, and I rarely partake in an alcoholic beverage without photographing it beforehand LOL.  So when this challenge caught my eye on Instagram, I thought why not commit?  So here I am, committing to this.  I like that it isn’t a bunch of fancy effects and the like but items and things that doesn’t require a certain condition or setting (I fell off the October challenge bandwagon when the theme for the day was clouds… and we had NO clouds).

I’m going to try and post my image of the day here on my blog every day and also on Instagram (I am c0reyann if you wanna be friends) if you want to join in the fun let me know!

Fingers crossed that I make it through the full 30!!!!!

Since I’m starting a day late I decided to combine my first and second day into one image.

Camera used: iPhone 4S
Program used:  Instagram
Filter used:  Hefe

Day 1: Favorite Food. While I have many favorites, which changes depending on my mood & season, pumpkin pie has always ranked near or at the top no matter what.  My favorite thing about fall is the resurgence of pumpkin flavored everything!  I could happily eat this for every meal.

Day 2: Smile. It’s hard not to smile when looking at this image.  Pumpkin makes me happy but beyond that it is one of those amazing Fall days here in Ohio.  It is sunny, 65º and the leaves are just amazing right now.  It’s really a picture perfect day.