Travel | Covered Bridges and Ben & Jerry’s | New Hampshire and Vermont

•  As I mentioned the other day, I made a crazy quick trip to visit friends in New Hampshire in early June.

•  If you don’t recall, I like covered bridges… (past blog here and here which are just a FEW of the images I’ve taken of them)

•  On the only full day we had together, we did a long 14 hour day of sightseeing (mostly covered bridges) in New Hampshire and Vermont.  Bless Gianina for driving the whole time and never once complaining about being tired.  It was such a fun day though and definitely one of the highlights of the year for me.  I wish that we were able to do that more often!

•  This trip took a whole SLEW of things off of my bucket list!  I’ve always wanted to visit Ben & Jerry’s. Emily’s Bridge has been on my covered bridge wish list since I read about it (it’s haunted! I also had a weird experience there…).  I’ve never been to Vermont so I was able to mark that off the states I’ve been to list.  I caught a brief glimpse of a moose while we were in Vermont so I was able to take THAT off the list!  I also got to do this all in the company of friends – one of whom I’ve been dying to meet in person for years!  YAY!

•  I got to go back to The Country Cow and have more of their yummy mushroom caps.  That was worth the flight alone.  Just sayin!

Dalton Covered Bridge in Warner New HampshireDalton Covered Bridge in Warner, New Hampshire.


New Hampshire WoodsI loved the woods here… but I wished the leaves were colored!


Corbin Bridge in Newport, New HampshireCorbin Covered Bridge in Newport, New Hampshire


Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge in Cornish, New HampshireCornish-Windsor Covered Bridge in Cornish, New Hampshire


Cornish Windsor Covered BridgeI love this sign!


Vermont MountainsMy first view of Vermont!


Willard Twin Bridges in North Hartland, VermontWillard Twin Bridges in North Hartland, Vermont


Warning sign near mill in VermontThis sign scared the crap out of me!


Ben & Jerry's in VermontBen & Jerry’s Factory in Vermont!!  In case you were wondering, I had two scoops of yummy ice cream – one of AmeriCone Dream and one of Triple Caramel Chunk.  DIVINE!


Ben & Jerry's garden in VermontI love the flowers on the hillside at Ben & Jerry’s!  Aren’t they beautiful!!!


Ben & Jerry's flavor graveyard in VermontThe flavor graveyard was hilarious and awesome!


Gold Brook or Emily's covered bridge in stowe, vermontGold Brook Covered Bride in Stowe, Vermont (aka as Emily’s Bridge).


Gold Brook or Emily's covered bridge in stowe, vermontWhile my weird experience wasn’t scary, it was wild.  I was walking near the stream to get a better angle to take pictures of the bridge and all of the sudden I had a swarm of butterflies surrounding me.  It was magical!  Not remotely scary and easily explained (mating season) but still such a neat experience!!!


Fisher Railroad Covered Bridge in Wolcott, VermontFisher Railroad Covered Bridge in Wolcott, Vermont


Vermont MountainsRandom mountains out the window in Vermont.

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