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•  A few years ago I dated someone who loved photography as much as me.  His favorite subjects were trains and covered bridges and I would tag along on some of his trips to photograph them.  I grew up near train tracks so trains weren’t foreign to me but I had never seen a covered bridge before I went with him.  It was love at first sight!  I can’t tell you why they grabbed me but I instantly fell in love with their charm and throw back to days of old.  After we broke up I still continued to be fascinated with them and have taken a few of my own excursions to see them.

•  I forget how the subject ever came up but Gianina and I discovered our mutual love for the bridges and we’ve always talked about my coming out and doing a jaunt around New England to see them together.  While sometimes she was able to go on trips with her Dad when he came over from Australia (he loves them too) she often spent much of her time seeing them alone, as did I.  This trip has been “in the works” for many years and I’m SO glad I was able to finally make it a reality!  I can’t wait to return and see more.

•  I’m glad that Kristen and Kate were able to join us as well, we had a fun time caravaning around New Hampshire!!!

•  The biggest bummer of the day was that the weather was pretty much rotten!  The day before it was simply gorgeous – mid 70’s and sunny.  However rain moved in and it went from the mid 60’s to the 40’s rather quickly during the day.  Yuck!

•  Midway through our trip we stopped for lunch at The Country Cow.  I had pretty low expectations for this place, I must admit!  However I was TOTALLY blown away by their YUMMY food and fantastic prices!  We got stuffed mushrooms which were amazing (and I’m not even a big fan of mushrooms) and what’s better is that I got a turkey pot pie which was $5!!!  This is on my “must eat again” list.  If you are ever in the area or live in NH you must eat here.  MUST!

Lake Winnipesaukee overlook during fall

Scenic overlook from Alton of Lake Winnipesaukee.  This is an HDR because I was completely entranced with how stunning the little island was with all of its leaves.  I really need to return next year during mid-October!


Durgin covered bridge in Sandwich New Hampshire during autumn

Durgin covered bridge in Sandwich, NH.  HDR again because I felt like it.  LOL.


car driving on winding road in fall in new hampshire

Following the leader through the mountain roads of NH.  I have to admit, one of the things I love about covered bridge finding is that you get to take backroads and discover beautiful places and spots you may not have otherwise of found.  I loved this road, it was so fall fabulous!


squam lake bridge in ashland new hampshire with leaves

Squam Lake bridge in Ashland, NH.  This lake is where On Golden Pond was filmed/took place!


squam lake bridge from front

Close up of Squam Lake bridge, so pretty!  I love the little pathway on the side.


interstate 93 in new hampshire during the fall

Continuing on our journey.  I love seeing mountains on the horizon, it’s so magical to me to see them rising above the horizon!  Up until this point we’d only had a few random sporadic raindrops but as you can see, we were driving into the thick of the front!


blair bridge in compton new hampsire during autumn

This is Blair bridge in Compton, NH next to The Country Cow.  This bridge is SO long!  I couldn’t get the whole thing in the frame.  I could have retreated a bit further back but I was afraid of falling in the water due to the wet leaves and rain.  I decided to leave well enough alone and just stick to where I was.


blair bridge in new hampshire with fall foliage

Another image of Blair bridge, so pretty!


bump bridge in compton new hampshire in october

How CUTE is this bridge?  Bump bridge in Compton, NH.  So so so pretty!


mt washington hotel during fall

This is Mt. Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, NH.  There is a classic Corey story to go along with this shot.  By this time Kate had to return home so I was riding with Gianina and Kristen.  We stopped not long before this and we all got some refreshments.  I tried some New England pop/water stuff (some berry I’d never heard of) and when I opened the bottle it exploded all over my lap.  I felt DREADFUL because I was in Gianina’s car but she was very gracious about it and said that the kids had done worse in the car *whew*.  However, my lap was utterly soaked.  Thank goodness we had already stopped to eat because it really looked like I’d wet myself.  However… I wanted this shot.  Badly.  So I ran outside of the car, in the pouring rain.  Since my jeans were soaked though (and I wasn’t wearing a belt) my pants literally kept falling off me.  So I’m running, holding my camera in one hand and attempting to keep the jeans up with another all while dodging massive puddles in the rain.  I was a sight… but I DID GET THE SHOT!


PS:  Brides reading this blog in NH. Pretty please bring me here to shoot your wedding.  I wanna see it closer (and preferably with dry pants).


bartlett bridge in bartlett new hampshire at dark

Bartlett bridge in Bartlett, NH which is now a gift shop (which was closed).  It was actually dusk at this point but the D700 is awesome and handled the dark like a pro!


jackson bridge in jackson new hampshire at night in black and white

Jackson (or Honeymoon) bridge in Jackson, NH.  By this point it was dark, dark dark dark DARK.  Gianina and Kristen were thinking I was looney tunes shooting in the dark but I knew my trusty Nikon could handle it, and it did!  YAY!


honeymoon bridge in jackson new hampshire at night

A bit of a clue of how dark it was but this is still quite a bit lighter than it actually was.  This was taken seconds after the one previous!


I hope you enjoyed your virtual trip to see some New Hampshire bridges!!!

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  • KateJanuary 20, 2011 - 6:36 PM

    OMG sooooo gorgeous. That first shot is killer, but they are all so beautiful. I love the wet pants story!! I can’t believe I missed that 😉 Good times!ReplyCancel

    • Corey AnnJanuary 20, 2011 - 6:48 PM

      Thank you! You were there for the better Corey Story of the day though of the two if that’s any consolation…ReplyCancel

  • Sherry PickerellJanuary 20, 2011 - 6:50 PM

    These are gorgeous! As I was looking through them all I found our great friends Covered Bridge, the Covered Bridge Shop in Glen, NH! I am forwarding this link to them no! Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

    • Corey AnnJanuary 24, 2011 - 12:26 PM

      Oh how wonderful is that!?! I do have a few more images if they’d like to see them 🙂ReplyCancel

  • - Corey Ann PhotographySeptember 7, 2011 - 7:37 PM

    […]  If you don’t recall, I like covered bridges… (past blog here and here which are just a FEW of the images I’ve taken of […]ReplyCancel