Travel & Portrait | New Orleans

The last day I spent in New Orleans this summer I finally did something I’ve been wanting to do since my first trip in 2000 – ride the streetcar!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve MEANT to do so but I’ve never managed to do it!  I was also joined by my friends Lisa & Kimberly as well as their kiddos Sydney, Petra and Carolina (whom have all appeared on the blog before).  This was also Sydney’s and Carolina’s first ride as well so we made an entire day of it and since it started pouring we rode the entire line from one end to the other and back again.

child posing outside in New Orleans City Park

One major change since the last time I saw Sydney is that she now actually likes the camera and poses for me!  Yay!


child posing outside at New Orleans City Park

Recognize Miss Petra?  It’s hard to believe that she’s the same little girl that was my flower girl 4 years ago!


child posing outside at New Orleans City Park

Miss Carolina has also grown up to be such a beauty!  It’s hard to believe that she was so little such a short time ago!


child posing outside at New Orleans City Park

The girls killed the time before the streetcar came by throwing rocks into the water.  It’s amazing how easily kids are amused at that age!


child posing outside at New Orleans City Park

I love this shot of Sydney looking at her rock.


new orleans streetcar

We picked up the streetcar at the start of the line in City Park.


children riding new orleans streetcar

Petra and Carolina posing for their mom while I grabbed a side shot, I love their smiles!


child pouting while riding the st charles streetcar

Carolina makes the best pouty faces!


children riding the st charles streetcar

Petra is such a ham!


Streetcar line on St Charles in New Orleans

The view straight down the streetcar line is kind of neat!


gaslights in the french quarter in new orleans

After the rain finally stopped we got off and walked around in the French Quarter a bit trying to find a perfume store I’d read about.  Of course it was closed (hours are still a bit wonky there since Katrina).

I never cease to be in love with the gas lights in the French Quarter and seem to photograph these particular ones often.  It doesn’t matter though, I still love them!


green door in New Orleans

There is a book about the doors in New Orleans and I love this idea and keep meaning to purchase the book – not only are the photographs beautiful but I have to agree that the doors here are so unique and wonderful.


French Quarter in New Orleans

I love the signs all over telling you what streets were originally what names.


New Orleans City Park

After a long, long day we finally made it back to City Park where we picked up our cars and went home!  I love the spanish moss on the live oaks there though so I had to capture one last picture!


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