Married: Rachel and Jeff 06.13.09

I am so far behind on my blogging – again I apologize! However I do want any future clients to know that I edit first, post proofs and THEN blog a wedding. So even though my blogging may be behind, I am never this far behind on my work!

Rachel is a self-confessed blog follower, along with her Mom, her bridal party and a lot of random people I met throughout the night. I can’t even begin to tell you how fun it was to have a mini-fan club the night of this wedding. When my assistant Nicole and I arrived at Rachel’s house to get some shots before the wedding, I was greeted with a bag of Munchos from Rachel’s Mom!! She had read my Mobile Monday blog the week prior about how I love Munchos on car trips and decided that Kirtland was a car trip for me! I say this often, but I really do meet some wonderful people with my job and have the BEST clients!

Rachel and Jeff got married in a STUNNING outdoor wedding in the outdoor location behind Old South Church in Kirtland, Ohio. The area where they got married was so gorgeous, it was cut into the hill so that the guests overlooked the valley and part of Chapin National Forest. The reception was held at the Radisson in Eastlake and I have to say I was really floored with how gorgeous of a location it was. I also have to shot out some mad props to the Wedding Coordinator Kirsten from the Radisson. She was so on top of everything and even saved the night when there was a wardrobe malfunction.

Rachel and Jeff were such an easy couple to shoot. Their love is tender and caring – just like the two of them. Thanks to you both for having me along for your amazing wedding!!!

Cake: Cakes to You (440) 946-0087
Ceremony: Old South Church in Kirtland, OH
DJ: DJ Packy Malley
Florist: Hosanna Designs
Makeup Artist: Jason Kelly Face Art
Reception/Catering: Radisson Hotel in Eastlake, OH

Rachel’s STUNNING makeup. There is a funny backstory to this. Rachel used to get her makeup done by Jason when he worked for MAC and when it came time for her to decide who she wanted to do her makeup for her wedding, she thought of the awesome Jason and how she wished she could find him. She then checked my blog not long after and Jason’s info was there as he was the makeup artist for Meghan! Small world!

Rachel was a stunning bride!

One of my favorite shots of Rachel and Jeff. I was really excited when I saw the white blooms… although I’m sure they were wondering what I was doing 🙂

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  1. Jacki says:

    Wow!! That sure is a beautiful bride!! Fabulous pictures Corey!

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