Stephanie and Jay’s Wedding in Elyria

I’ve written and rewritten the beginning of this blog post so many times.  Sometimes I wish you could just put feelings into blogs because words and pictures cannot convey the feelings that I want to express about this wedding.

I really love when weddings are just about the love.  Saturday’s wedding was nothing but a big love fest.  Not only between Stephanie and Jay but between their families, friends and even vendors.  I was one of the few vendors (if not the only?) that wasn’t a close friend or family member and sometimes that can be kind of awkward feeling – almost like you are an interloper.  However on Saturday I never once felt like I was an outsider.  From the moment I arrived and got a hug from Stephanie’s Mom because she was so excited to meet me, to the moment I left when Jay’s Mom gave me a hug goodbye – I felt like part of the family.  After we took pictures before the ceremony (yay for first looks!) they had lunch and made sure that I ate aas well, which is always a fun bonus!  I loved how tightly woven family was into the day because their love for Stephanie and Jay is just as much a part of the celebration as their love for each other.  Stephanie’s Dad even took part of the officiating and that always makes me smile when parents marry their children.  There’s just something so wonderful about that!

Stephanie and Jay made my day so easy.  They were crazy easy going about everything and let me take the lead when it came to their portrait time.  I took Stephanie’s dress and shoes outside for a photo shoot when I couldn’t find the right place inside and Stephanie didn’t bat an eye.  Even when the Best Man pulled an epic prank on them during the ceremony, they both just laughed – they never showed a bit of stress during the day and that is how you get married.  No matter what, you are getting MARRIED – the rest of the stuff?  It’s just details.

Thank you all for making the day so wonderful for me.  I loved working with you!

Wedding Vendors

Cake: Bride’s Aunt
Ceremony & Reception: First Baptist Church
Florist: Enchanted Florist

I loved that Stephanie bought her dress straight off the rack and it barely needed any altering!  That’s SO rare!!

wedding dress hanging in a tree

I adored Stephanie’s shoes so they got their own moment in the spotlight as well.

red heels in a tree for a wedding

This is by far my favorite image of the day!

wedding portrait taken at oberlin college

The Thank You sign may be an Oberlin tradition, started with Amanda and Matt a couple years ago.

bride and groom holding thank you sign

The whole bridal party.  The kids may have been my favorite.

bridal party portrait in oberlin ohio

These ladies may be laughing  because I almost got run over by someone in an electric wheelchair…

bridesmaids in black dresses with white bouquets

These guys are too cool for school!

groomsman in black suits with black tie

Another one of Stephanie’s Mom’s signs and I love how it turned out!

black white and red bridal party colors

bridal party portrait in northeast ohio

Yet another favorite from the day.

bride and groom relaxed portrait at oberlin college

When walking back to the square we came across this aisle of lanterns and I couldn’t pass them up without a picture!

bride and groom with multi colored lanterns

After pictures Stephanie got a makeup and hair refresh before the ceremony started and I love this pic of her feet!

brides feet with a pedicure

This may be one of my favorite pics of a flower girl ever.

flower girl picking her nose at wedding ceremony

Stephanie’s laugh is just awesome.

bride laughing when walking down the aisle with her father

SUCH a dramatically lit ceremony!

wedding ceremony at first baptist church in elyria

Oh no, the ring?!!?

best man forgot wedding ring

Oh, my friend has it in the audience… toss it here!  Notice where the ring box is in the picture?

wedding rings being thrown to best man

Ha!  Just kidding!   Notice that there is NO freak outs from the bride or groom!  They are just that awesome.

best man giving wedding rings

wedding ceremony at first baptist church in elryia ohio

The kiss!

first kiss during wedding ceremony

This cake was beyond amazing.  The cake was made by the Bride’s Aunt and while she’s made a lot of cakes it was her first major wedding cake!  Just STUNNED!

black white and red wedding cake

Instead of banging your silverware on glass to get the couple to kiss, these guys made you work for them to kiss and it ended up in a lot of laughs and lots of smooches!

kissing menu at wedding reception

Here’s the Flower Girl and Ring Bearer ordering “The Charade” from the menu.

ring bearer and flower girl kissing at wedding reception in elyria

Since it was still light outside I was able to take the rings outside to get some gorgeous pics of them, yay!

wedding rings on red roses

I love the face Stephanie is making, you can tell she didn’t want to mess the cake up!

bride and groom cutting the cake

They played nice.

bride and groom feeding cake to each other

The tossing of the bouquet!

bride throwing her bouquet

Finally, the exit after they changed.  I loved that I got to shoot a “traditional” exit as we don’t see many of these in the North (it’s more of a Southern tradition).  I loooooved the use of champagne poppers to shower them with!

bride and groom exiting from wedding reception at first baptist church


  1. Sandi Nihart says:

    5 weeks after the wedding and this blog just brings happy tears, thank you so much for all you did that day and how you captured memories for all of us! Everyone just loved you!

  2. Erin J. Davis says:

    Love! Thanks for being so easy to work with! It was sooo fun!