Wedding • Nancy and Jack • Avon, Ohio

•  Nancy and Jack’s engagement session will forever be locked in my brain as the utmost scariest drive I’ve ever had in my LIFE.  I’m still a bit white knuckled when I think of it but they were totally worth it!

•  I loved how many cute and personal touches went into their day.  They wrote letters to one another and included gifts which you could tell that they each had put a lot of thought into (and the photo moments were wonderful!).  Cookies from the reception were from Nancy’s grandmother.  Nancy’s father’s best friend did a speech and gave them Pepsi cans (her Dad, whom has passed, loved his Pepsi) to toast his speech with.  I just loved every darling detail from this wedding and personal touch.

• THE LIGHT!  Oh my goodness, the light was AMAZING for their wedding day!  I could rave and rave and rave on about it but you’ll see below.  I wish every wedding could have this magical light!

• This bridal party was so awesome.  The guys were fun, the girls were SO helpful and it was just an awesome day all around.  When we ran into another bridal party at Fortier Park, they immediately complemented them on their outfits and wanted a picture with them.  The other party responded in kind and it was just so awesome!!  Usually bridal parties get a bit of rivalry going and it was so fun to see two groups genuinely being kind and sweet to one another 🙂

• Their first dance was to the song “A Thousand Years” and I immediately LOVED IT.  I thought it was such a pretty song and fitting for a first dance.  I had known I’d heard it somewhere but couldn’t place it.  Then I saw the final Twilight movie and I found out that it was actually written FOR Edward and Bella and was in the final movie.  It took me back to their wedding immediately and for what it’s worth I think Nancy and Jack have a much better love story 🙂

Wedding Vendors

Bridal Gown:  Wtoo by Watters from The Perfect Bride in Rocky River
Cake Artist:  Fragapane’s Bakery
Ceremony:   John Knox Presbyterian Church
DJ: Troy Entertainment
Florist:  Affordable Florals in Cleveland
Reception:  Ahern’s Banquet Center 

 bridesmaid helping put veil on bride in north olmsted ohio

I looooooooved Nancy’s hair!  So pretty!

bride reading a card from the groom before the ceremony

Reading the card from Jack and trying to hold back the tears!

groom reading a card from the bride before wedding ceremony

Jack reading Nancy’s card and also trying to hold back his tears.  Aww!

groom showing off custom cufflinks that were a gift from the bride

This is a quote that Nancy used to say to Jack all of the time so she had it made into custom cufflinks for him for her wedding gift to him.  LOVE!

bride and groom holding hands behind door before ceremony

Nancy had been on Pinterest and this was one of her must-have shots that she saw on there.  We had to get a bit creative as the layout of the church wasn’t quite as the picture from Pinterest showed but we made it work and they had a lovely moment together before the ceremony without seeing each other thanks to that door!

wedding ceremony at john knox presbyterian church in north olmsted ohio

Nancy was SO happy when she saw Jack!

first kiss after wedding ceremony at john knox presbyterian

The kiss never fails to make me smile.

bride and groom exiting from wedding ceremony with bubbles

May be one of my favorite exit shots, I love how the bubbles are floating around them!

bride and groom kissing near waterfalls at fortier park in olmsted falls ohio

Once the formal pictures were over we headed off to Fortier Park in Olmsted Falls.  It’s a popular spot on wedding days and on this day it was even MORE popular due to an art fair.

beige bridal party wedding photo

This bridal party was so awesome!

bride and groom after wedding in olmsted falls ohio

The light was amazing down near the waterfalls so we made use of the light (and the lack of a line waiting for this spot!) while we had it.

bride and groom kissing outside


relaxed wedding portrait of bride and groom in Ohio

This may be my favorite of them from the day.  Such a casual but lovely portrait!

bride sitting on grooms lap for portrait on wedding day

When this beam of light came through this area I practically swooned and drug them over to it.  They were happy to comply and I’m thrilled we got to play in the sunbeam!

beige bridesmaid dresses with pink flowers

This may be one of my favorite bridesmaid portraits ever.  You ladies killed it!

groom and groomsman gawking at groom's wedding ring

Of course, the guys had to outdo the ladies and this picture still makes me smile!

bride and groom in forest with reflection on pond during the fall

This could also be a favorite from the day!

groom dipping bride in forest

You have to do at least one dip in the forest!

bride dancing inside limo

After the jaunt around the park, Nancy made a stop in the limo bus to get her flip flops as her feet were not happy.  As she was changing her shoes, she started jamming along to the song on the radio and I captured it.   Hey, I can’t judge, I’ve used shoes as drumsticks myself a time or two!

groom and groomsman smoking cigars

Nancy and Jack had a “break” planned in for their bridal party at a nearby bar before heading over to the reception.  This has become a trend over the past couple of years and I think it’s a GREAT idea!  Jack and the guys enjoyed some cigars on the patio while the girls enjoyed a few cocktails inside.

maid of honor drinking champagne after wedding toast

This image makes me laugh SO much.

bride and groom toasting her deceased father with pepsi

Toasting to Nancy’s Dad with Pepsi Cans 🙂  LOVE this!

bride and groom with wedding cake smashed on their faces

I love that Nancy and Jack weren’t afraid to have a bit of fun with their cake!  Ha!

first dance at wedding reception at ahern's banquet center in avon ohio

Such a tender and lovely first dance!

wedding rings on piano keys

Nancy wanted their rings shot on a piano and luckily I was able to find one to play with.  Getting Nancy’s rings to stack between the keys (and each other) was a tricky balancing act but it ended up working, whew!

Thank you both SO much for having me along on  your magical day!


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