Wedding • Stephanie and Mark • Landerhaven

•  I had such a great time with Stephanie and Mark during their delightful engagement session, I couldn’t wait for round two with them!

•  They got married on Labor Day weekend and for the second year in a row, it was a SCORCHER!  It was so hot that even one of the groomsman passed out.  Thankfully I had my husband with me that day who kept me in Gatorade and water.  It was brutal but the light was amazing!

•  In a first, I worked with the same DJ back to back!  It was so fun to see a familiar face and even more fun to be able to pick up right where we left off the week before and knew how each other worked.

•  Stephanie was a two dress bride.  I cannot begin to tell you how adorable it was nor how perfect it was since the day was SO hot.  You could tell she was ready for her short and sassy dress, just like Carrie was a few years ago.

•  I can’t even begin to tell you just how adorable these two are together.  They are so patient and kind to one another and even without the wedding garb on, you would have known it was them getting married.  It made my heart smile to see them together 🙂   I dare you to make it through the pictures without smiling.  Their love is infectious!

Wedding Vendors

Bridal Gown:  House of Wu via Wendy’s Bridal
Ceremony, Florist, Reception:  Landerhaven
DJ: Beach Boyz Entertainment
Invitations: JDK Invitations

guestbook album with engagement pictures

I adored how their engagement album turned out!  Such a fun session!

bride getting ready with bridesmaids at landerhaven

Stephanie’s ladies were so helpful!

bridesmaids doing up corset back of bridal gown

These ladies had Stephanie in her corset and done up super quick!

chuppah at landerhaven made with orchids and apple tree

I ADORED this chuppah!  SO lovely and gorgeous!  It was made up of orchids, an existing apple tree and birch trees.

ring bearer giving a thumbs up during wedding processional

This ring bearer dug his job!

flower girl crying as she leaves the aisle

The flower girl on the other hand… not so keen on it.

bride's father escorting bride down the aisle for wedding ceremony

Everything stilled as soon as Stephanie walked in.  She was absolutely breathtaking.

bride and groom signing the ketubah before the wedding ceremony begins

It was a bit against the grain for a Jewish wedding but Stephanie and Mark opted to sign the ketubah right after Stephanie walked down the aisle but before the ceremony started.  I loved it!

bride circling groom during a jewish ceremony at landerhaven

I am a huge fan of the circling (don’t know why, just think the expressions are always awesome!) and this one didn’t disappoint!

bride and groom smiling at each other during wedding ceremony at landerhaven

I think Mark was excited to see Stephanie!

bride and groom during jewish wedding ceremony at landerhaven

Seriously, they are adorable!

jewish wedding ceremony in cleveland ohio

Saying their vows.

groom and bride smiling at each other during ceremony

More smiles 🙂

groom breaking the glass during jewish wedding ceremony at landerhaven

Breaking the glass, it was successful! first kiss after wedding ceremony

Right after this Mark dipped Stephanie… but this is my favorite of the series!groom and groomsman in black and white

These guys were so dapper!

bride with bridesmaids in purple dresses with purple and white bouquets

I have gone on about how I adore when the bridesmaid dresses are the same color but all different right?  If not, I LOVE THIS TREND!  So much more visually interesting and the ladies are in dresses they are comfortable in.  Win win win!  I loved this plum shade on the bridesmaids and the flowers were the perfect pop with the purple and white.

bride and groom portrait at landerhaven

The new Mr & Mrs!

groom kissing bride's nose


bride and groom smiling during portrait session

Very close second favorite.  They are too darn cute.

wedding portrait in black and white at landerhaven

Stephanie… gah!  YOUR EYES!  Amazing!

groomal portrait sassin it up

Mark, you are too cool for school.  LOL

plum and gold wedding reception decor at landerhaven in cleveland ohio

Isn’t the table decor amazing?  Such a rich palate but it was beautiful!

purple gold and silver wedding cake

This cake was lovely.

bride and groom first dance at landerhaven in ohio

The beginning of their first dance, it only could go up from the giggles at the beginning!

bride and groom first dance during wedding reception at landerhaven

Ahhh, love 🙂

bride and groom kissing on the dance floor

See what I mean about these two? Awwwwwwwww.

groom making a face during cake cutting

Take one….

bride making a face during cake cutting

…take two!  Isn’t this series hilarious!??

groom being thrown out of chair during the hora

The hora!!!  Luckily I think all survived, I couldn’t believe the air Mark got!

bride and groom during the hora

Stephanie braved the hora as well, she did fantastic!

Groom being tossed into the air during the hora

Some guys took it upon themselves to toss Mark up in the air sans chair.  He darn near hit the floor so luckily this was a one-time deal.  Whew!  My hear utterly dropped!

bride tossing the bouquet during reception at landerhaven

See that short and sassy dress?!!?  LOVE IT!

groom tossing the garter

The garter toss!

wedding rings on mirror

Ending with a simple & classic shot of the rings.  Sometimes simple is my favorite!

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