Wedding | Jeffrey and Brittany | Cuyahoga Falls

•  Jeffrey and Brittany came to me by way of Nicole who also was able to be my second shooter the day of their wedding!

•  In a weird 6 degrees of separation thing, the librarian from my high school was at this wedding and recognized me immediately.  I *may* have been a student librarian… and may have been student librarian of the month also.  *cough*

•  During the ceremony – heck the entire day! – the kids in the wedding party kept me highly entertained.  Twirling, dancing, pulling clothes up, pulling them down, assisting with a nose pick – oh my word.  They were hilarious.

•  It’s funny, I used to work in downtown Cuyahoga Falls and I never knew about ceremonies taking place in this venue!  I always thought it was just a stage.  I guess a LOT of weddings take place here, fun!

Wedding Vendors

Cake:  Checkerboard Cheesecake *two thumbs up!*
Catering:  Moe’s Restaurant
Ceremony & Reception Venue:  Falls River Square
DJ: A to Z Collection DJ Services
Florist: Pam’s Posies
Videographer: Kojak Creative Media

pink wedding shoes outside near waterfalls

I like when I can take my shoes on a safari 😉


bride helping mother put on earrings at the shearaton suites in cuyahoga falls

Brittany helped her mom out with her earrings.


bride putting shoes on before wedding

These shoes were so darned cute!


bride doing makeup in cuyahoga falls before wedding

Birttany’s bridesmaid had this awesome makeup mirror that had lights!  SO cool!


flower girls hugging before ceremony in cuyahoga falls

While they were waiting for their cue, these cuties had a last minute hug.


bride walking down aisle with her father

I love this image of Brittany looking for her groom.


bride and groom during ceremony at falls river square in cuyahoga falls


flower girl picking nose during ceremony

Now I’m not entirely sure what is going on in this photo, but it sure appears someone is getting a helping hand with that pesky booger.


bride and groom exchange rings during ceremony


first kiss



bride and groom at sharaton suites in cuyahoga falls

After the ceremony we took a quick trip back to the hotel where they got ready for some images by the falls.


bride and groom


bridal party in pink and black with argyle socks

Brittany wanted to make sure we got an image of the guys sportin’ their snazzy socks!  Love love love the socks!


bride with bridesmaids in grey and pink

I really loved the look of the grey bridesmaids dresses with the pink flowers!


groomsman showing off pink and black argyle socks

Nicole got this great image of the guys showing some leg!


pink garden rose bouquet

Brittany’s bouquet is so so gorgeous!


bride and groom with moss initals

I loved all of the details from the reception and we decided to bring some of them along!


bride and groom on the cuyahoga river in cuyahoga falls

Favorite image of the day!


wedding reception at the pavilion in cuyahoga falls

Such a great venue for a wedding reception!


bride and groom custom wine

I loved their custom wine and wine labels!


maid of honor toast


bride and groom during toasts at reception


bride and groom first dance at pavilion in cuyahoga falls

Their first dance was so sweet.


bride crying during first dance



father daughter dance in cuyahoga falls

Such a special father/daughter dance.


mother son dance


wedding reception at falls river square in cuyahoga falls ohio

The night started with all the bridal party and parents getting the dance floor warmed up!


flower girl dancing at reception

That flower girl had major moves!


Thank you both so much for having us along for your wedding day!

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