Wedding | Jen + Chad | North Canton, OH

• WHEW!  I am finally caught up on all of my client shoots!!  Now I’m going to do a lot of retro blogging of other stuff that I didn’t blog throughout the year because I got behind on client blogging.

• I have been friends with Jen since grade school.  We bonded over our mutual love for Barbie dolls.  You can read more about our friendship and just how awesome her hubs is on their engagement session blog.

• I was supposed to just be a guest but… yeah that didn’t entirely happen.  I’m glad that I was able to help capture my friend’s wedding though and I know in the end I’d have been twitchy without a camera in hand.

• Their photographer covered the ceremony and formals and Jen asked me to stay so that we could squeeze a few “fun” portraits of the bridal party and the bride and groom in before hitting the reception where I then took over as photographer.

• I agreed to this scenario after we negotiated on my deal a lot.  I would be their photographer if I could dance to the Cupid Shuffle and any New Kids On the Block song.  Ha!

• Nothing makes me smile more than my friend finally meeting the love of her life and marrying him.  He’s beyond perfect for her and she is so happy.  Chad, thank you for coming into my friend’s life.  You are the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

Wedding Vendors

Ceremony:  North Canton Community Christian Church
Cupcakes:  Caroline’s Cupcakes
DJ:  Russell Sound Lab
Florist:  Dee Tritt
Reception:  Holiday Inn Belden Village

bride's father giving her away with a kiss

I adore Jen’s Dad, he was always one of the very few parents of my friends that actually liked me when we were growing up.


bride's father kissing the groom at community christian church in north canton

This made me laugh so much, that’s SO Jen’s Dad.


bride and groom laughing during ceremony in north canton ohio

The bride and groom met via My Space and the priest incorporated this into the ceremony.  Quite hilarious!


bride and groom processing down the aisle at community christian church


bride and groom exiting with bubbles in north canton ohio

It was such a gorgeous day for a wedding… I miss those fall days!


bridal party in front of community christian church in north canton

The little guy on the right fell down a step in his excitement of cheering for the couple!


bride and bridesmaids in orange in north canton

I am sure I made some sort of silly comment to make Jen make this face but I still love it!


groom and groomsman outside community christian church

The guys I couldn’t fuss with as much since I didn’t know them as well.


bride and groom at community christian church in north canton

Hands down my favorite image of them from the day. I love this image SO much.


bride and groom outside at community christian church in north canton

I love this one as well even though they both thought I was crazy for asking them to do this.


groom wearing chevy cufflinks

Jen bought chad Chevy cufflinks for their wedding day as he’s a huge Chevy fan.


caroline's cupcakes at wedding in North Canton

Cupcakes!!!  Jen used Caroline’s Cupcakes after my rave reviews of them and even consulted me for flavor choice.  Can I call myself a cupcake expert now??


Caroline's Cupcakes

One cupcake shot is NOT enough!


detail shot of bride's ring

One thing Jen has always loved is my ring shots so I made sure to play with her rings for quite a bit during dinner.


bride and groom's rings on top of hershey kisses

I think this one is my favorite of all of the ring shots. 🙂


groom sticking out his tongue during first dance at holiday inn in north canton

The occupational hazard of being friends with the bride and groom…. they feel free to make faces!


line dancing at wedding reception at the holiday inn in belden village



mother and daughter on dancefloor at the holiday inn

I went to school with Amanda as well and her daughters are too darned cute!  I nabbed this image when they were slow dancing together.


the right stuff dance

1 – yes that is me.  2 – I am doing the dance to The Right Stuff.  3 – I shot all day in those heels!


friends posing at wedding reception in belden village

Proof that I can pose but I can’t pose myself!  Ha!




  1. Leah Haydock says:

    This is too cute. Your friend looks so adorably happy – love her dress! The bubble picture might be my favorite, closely followed by the one where her veil is flowing behind. Wonderful!