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When I was on vacation in the Outer Banks, I got the text I’d been waiting for, that my Godson (well soon-to-be!) Blaine had been born and both Baby and Mama were doing great!  I was so sad that Blaine ended up arriving when I was out of town but I was ridiculously excited to finally meet him.  Kristy and I have been friends since we were 12 and we’ve been through a lot together.  Kristy and Ryan had been told their chances of having a baby were slim to none so when I got the call last fall about Blaine, I almost fell over.  I know that they both wanted a baby really badly but Kristy’s health was more important than anything.  I am so so excited that everything went smoothly (well as smoothly as it could) and even though Blaine was a month early, he was born healthy and was able to go home with Mom!  He’s still such a tiny little peanut and I have to confess that babies scare the crap out of me.  I’ve not been around them much and no matter how many babies I hold, they still scare me!   When I met Blaine he wasn’t in the best of moods as he’d just got home from getting a few shots and was not too pleased about this.  Of course until I showed up with my camera, he was quiet as a mouse but then got his lungs going to show off for me!  He’s trying to scare me more I guess for the Christening!

What’s funny is within about 2 weeks I was around 3 different babies – one born the week before Blaine and another born the month before.  It’s so crazy to see the differences in babies so close in age.  Blaine just barely hits 5 lbs, one baby is 9 lbs and another is 20lbs!  Just those few pounds made such a crazy difference!  Yes, can you tell I don’t have kids?  I was also the youngest in my family – immediate and cousins.

Enjoy the pics of this cutie pie and I’m sure there’s going to be a lot more sessions down the road with him!

 newborn baby session in north canton ohio (9)newborn baby session in north canton ohio (8)newborn baby session in north canton ohio (7)

Kristy’s cat is the most docile cat in the world.  She decided that she’d put Blaine with the cat to see what happens.  This sequence is my favorite ever.

“What is this noisy thing??”

newborn baby session in north canton ohio (6)

“What have you done to me human?!”

newborn baby session in north canton ohio (5)

He was not a happy camper this day!

newborn baby session in north canton ohio (4)

Their dog Buddy was stressing out whenever the baby cried giving us looks like “Humans!  He’s hurting!  Help him!”

newborn baby session in north canton ohio (3)

Aahhh finally a sleepy smile!newborn baby session in north canton ohio (2)

Love his tiny feet!newborn baby session in north canton ohio (1)

He’s already plotting world domination!  😉

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