Brides Talk • Nancy

Oh my goodness, I think for all of the weddings this year, Nancy & Jack may have won the lottery when it came to amazing light for their time outside for portraits.  I was practically jumping up and down when the light beams were coming through the woods and just lit them up so well.  This bridal party was also awesome, they were willing to go along with anything I said and were crazy easy to work with.  I had such a great day with them and it was fun to relive their day.  Their engagement session still wins hands down the crazy weather award.  Holy crap.  Thank you for your kind words Nancy!

“When we first got engaged, we were determined to not get caught up in the wedding planning madness – little did we know how crazy it really would get. I tried to enjoy being engaged and not worry too much about the planning, but one thing kept sticking out in my mind – we have to make sure we get Corey as our photographer! I had saved her in name in a secret word document a few years before getting engaged (shhh…) and knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that I wanted her to photograph our wedding.

I got a very quick response from Corey and was relieved to hear that she was, in fact, available for our wedding date. After braving a lightning storm on the beach to get our engagement pictures, we knew we had chosen wisely. What we didn’t realize we’d be getting along with a photographer was essentially all of the knowledge of a wedding planner. I quickly became overwhelmed by many of the details of planning, from how to do a receiving line to what to use for our exit, and Corey seemed to have the right answer for everything. She has had “ring-side seats” for tons of weddings and has picked up invaluable advice and knowledge because of it.

Corey remained incredibly helpful on our wedding day, keeping me calm and reassuring me that everything was going as it should. She kept us on schedule, even through our large amounts of family pictures, and she even helped with bustling my dress. She was fun to work with, but also wasn’t afraid to tell our bridal party what to do or where to stand so that we were able to make the most of our time for pictures. She has created a priceless account of our wedding day, one that we cannot thank her for enough. 


bride's mother helping her get ready

I’ve always wanted a picture of my mom zipping up my wedding dress and this turned out perfectly. I love that you can see the details on my dress and I love even more that it is in black and white!

brides nephew giving her a hug before wedding ceremony

I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t married his uncle, I would have married him instead! He was so amazed by my dress and didn’t want to stop giving me hugs which I was not opposed to at all!

bride and groom holding hands on either side of the door as a first look before wedding

We decided to do a “first look” without actually seeing each other and I got much more emotional than I thought I would. I love this picture because Corey captured the moment perfectly without making me look like the absolute mess that I was!

ring bearer carrying sign here comes your girl

I was excited to look back at our pictures from the beginning of the ceremony because I didn’t get to see any of it. I just love this picture of our nephew, making the most of his debut and absolutely loving all the attention!

wedding ceremony at john knox presbyterian church in avon ohio

We’re married! 

bride and groom pinky swear

This was one of my “must have” shots that I saw on Pinterest and Corey shot it beautifully. It was kind of tricky for us to get our rings pointing the right way while still looking like a pinky promise but she figured it out!

groomsman goofing off during wedding portrait

I love this shot because it is exactly how these guys act 99% of the time. What started as the guys mocking how the girls posed turned into them posing inappropriately – surprise, surprise. They all got a good laugh!

wedding portrait at olmsted falls in ohio

We both love this picture because we look so natural in it. Most of the time, Jack is saying something funny and I’m laughing because of it and this displays it perfectly!

bride and groom laughing during toast during wedding reception at ahern's banquet center

I had such a hard time choosing just one picture from the toasts because they are all so hilarious. Corey captured the moment so well that I can actually tell what is being said just by looking at the pictures. Here, my maid of honor is talking about how we were “thespians – yes, thespians” in high school and Jack is looking at his groomsmen saying, “See? Told you.” I love it!

groom smashing cake on bride's face during wedding reception

I was a little caught off guard when Jack smashed the cake up my nose. Don’t worry, I got him back!

bride and groom with grandpa

We love Grandpa and we were thrilled to have such an amazing picture with him.”  [CA] I loved him too!!!