Baby Gabriella: 10 Months

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you may know how much I simply adore my baby niece. Growing up, I was the baby of the family by 6 years so I never had the chance to be around babies much. I have no living siblings so I never got the chance to have my own nieces and nephews from birth and when I married my husband his were all 5 and above. It’s been SUCH a joy to watch Gabby grow and take pictures of her. I seriously just adore her, she’s too cute for words!

The day after we got back from Vegas my mother in law had a family get together since my sister Cathy and her daughter Gabby were up for a few days (they live a couple hours away). While there I did a quick shoot with Gabby and it was fun… but exhausting! This is the age that is typically harder to shoot, they are mobile and don’t understand “stay for one minute” or accept bribes to look at the camera ;). While I didn’t get any typical portraits (looking at the camera and smiling) I did get just about every range of expression that Gabby has and sometimes I think that’s just as important to have captured as the standard pose.


Cathy had only one request for a picture during the shoot, a shot of her baby feet!


Last year in New Orleans, my friend Lisa raved to me about Sophie the Giraffe.  I laughed about it but I made a mental note of it and got one for Gabby later on.  Turns out, she LOVES it.  It may be a bit ‘hipster’ but she sure does love Sophie!


Daddy taught her to stick out her tongue… and now she does it ALL the time!  LOL.


This was mu view for about 90% of the shoot, she would crawl off as we’d get her set down.


I have a feeling I’m going to have more shots like this in the coming years…


I put the camera down low and shot blindly hoping I got a winner and I think this is definitely one!


After all that burning of calories running away, Gabby was a hungry girl.  I loved the light on her face so I nabbed a quick shot of her 🙂



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