Miss Carolina and Miss Petra

While in New Orleans I got to do a quick mini-session with my Matron of Honor’s two girls, Petra and Carolina. Petra was my flower girl almost 2 years ago – it’s hard to believe she is the same girl! She’s now just over 3 ½ years old and quite the little lady. Her sister, Carolina, is the newest addition to the family being born in late October making this near her 6 month mark. We originally were going to do their portraits at Longue Vue however due to the massive amounts of rain the night before, we ended up going to City Park’s Peristyle and taking shots where there was not QUITE the amount of mud. However, we quickly found out that having two 3 year olds (Sydney and Petra) in a ‘boring’ area next to a playground did not do much for attention spans when it came to pictures. I was able to get Sydney’s attention eventually (see next post) but Petra was not having her pics done that day – and so it goes sometimes with children when they set their mind to doing something. In the end I got some great shots of Carolina since she’s yet to master an escape plan and got some great shots (coming up after Sydney’s portraits!) of Petra playing and showing off her personality. Maybe on my next trip we’ll hit Longue Vue, I hope to because it is gorgeous!

I love baby feet!!!

My favorite shot from the day! She is so precious and her eyes really are that stunning blue! No photoshop needed!

I love the antique look sometimes on baby pics, make them look more timeless.

Sisters… it almost makes it look gothic (the time peroid, not the grunge rock style) with Petra’s stoic look on her face!

I loved the rose bushes surrounding the Peristyle.

Miss Petra pretty much refused to look straight at the camera, there were way more important things to see and do. However I still love this profile shot as it shows off her classic beauty!

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