Corey Talks: My Wedding: Bridal Party

As I mentioned earlier in my wedding recap, we weren’t originally going to have anyone in our bridal party. We really wanted everyone to come and enjoy the day and not have to a) pay outrageous prices for outfits they would wear once and b) worry about any duties before or after the big day. We did end up with one person on each side, Paul and Lisa and Petra the super-de-duper adorable shell girl. Our ‘parties’ were really low key events the night before the wedding – which I’ve always told people NOT to do in my line of work! It worked out that way since our friends were coming from all over and it’s rare to have everyone in one place at one time. We also were traditional in the fact of not seeing each other the day of the wedding so the night before just worked. My bachelorette party was simple (and co-ed) and Chris’s was as well – they just drank and laughed all night. Thank goodness there are no strippers on the Outer Banks!!! 😉 Lisa also organized a mail-order lingerie shower for me (my friends are literally all over the country) before the wedding which is one of the nicest things people have ever done for me. While our bridal party may have been small in numbers – they made up for it in awesomeness.

We didn’t do a lot of bridal party pics, but one awesome shot is really all you need – and we got that thanks to super Brooke!

I love love love this shot.  Love.  Even with Petra making a face (guess who ate bubbles prior to this shot?).  The thing with kids being in bridal parties is that you have to roll with the fact that they may not smile on cue, they may act up and they may make faces.  So long as you’re cool with that… the rest is just gravy (and more fun!).


This picture is by far one of the most unflattering of me, but I’m posting it anyways because I LOVE that Petra jumped!  We had no idea that she did, I was more worried about my top going too low and trying to jump in a heavy wedding dress.  This was when the ‘jump’ shot had really just starting becoming the ‘cool’ bridal party shot.  When we saw the proofs and saw that Petra jumped we were all laughing!  She was pretty insistant on doing her own thing and I said that it was fine and to let her just go (she was getting fussy).  We were happy to find out she jumped right along with us… who cares if she’s facing her Mom!  Love love love.


I adore this shot of me and Petra.  Again, who cares she’s looking off the screen, she’s still darn cute!


Finally a fun detail shot of me and Petra’s feet 🙂

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