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Trash the Dress Shoot @ the Neon Graveyard

I organized a shoot at the Neon Graveyard (aka The Boneyard) for some photogs (well really anyone that wanted to go) during WPPI.  About 20 or so people showed up and we had one bride and groom (Natalie and Aaron) that had got married the night before, one model couple and a single model guy (Chris) show up for the fun!  I had a great time shooting at a place I’ve wanted to shoot for a couple years now and it was great being able to incorporate a trash-the-dress session into it as well.  Thanks so much to all of our models!  you were great!!!!!

Thanks to everyone that came!  Amy, Dave, Adam, Rob (big shot out to these three guys for helping me learn the one light magic!!), David, Chad, Kelly, Kelly, Cindy and Rachel for coming out to play.  I think there were a few more people – if so holler!  I am not sure I got everyone’s info 🙂  Thanks to the models for playing with us as well!  I will be sending everyone their images as soon as I finish this up.  If you don’t hear from me let me know!

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mc - Amazing!!!

MC - Hi Corey:)
I hope you don’t mind, but I am bloggin about you today on my personal wedding blog and wanted to show some of these photos. They are beautiful and I’m so excied to have you shooting our wedding!
have a great day!

Heather Curry - Great photos! Where in Vegas did you shoot the photos? I love the backdrop.
Heather Curry
Pictage user

Corey - Heather we shot at the Neon Graveyard (also known as The Boneyard) in downtown Las Vegas. It’s where all of the old signs from casinos that have been demolished go. They are currently building a museum to house some of them but for now they are all housed in two outdoor lots. No backdrops!

Kate - Love these Corey! Wow, what a shoot – you got a ton of awesome photos! My favorites have to be the last one with the polaroid (too cute!), the photo of the other photographer, and the couple embracing and almost kissing – they look really intimate, and I like how that contrasts with the environment.

Cindy - Your pics from the photo shoot are fantastic! Can’t wait to see more!

DanielleM - Awesome pics corey!

Elizabeth - Corey, these pictures are amazing!

brooke mayo - i love the SIN city image!! it is awsome!! and your idea of the cinderella story… what a happy medium. 🙂 your work is amazing corey!! any bride is super mega lucky to have you!

Roadtrip – Vegas Style!

Here’s another  quick post with some pics from my trip to Vegas for WPPI.  I hope in the next couple days to have a few more up from my amazing class with Mike Colon and Ray Santana as well as the trip I organized to the Neon Graveyard as well as the trip to the Ghost Town later that evening.  I met some awesome people during this trip – some definite lasting friendships have been made (I hope!).  I also learned SO MUCH MORE than my sadly stolen D300 is worth.  It still burns a smidge – I won’t lie! – but I know that the value of what I came away from this trip with is priceless.  If the cost of the knowledge and friendships was the D300 so be it 🙂  Who’s coming next year?!

Sooooo – on with the trip!  My travel buddy Kelly and I left the Grand Canyon and headed back towards Vegas for the WPPI convention – along the way though we were hungry and could NOT pass up the chance to eat at the authentic (!) Roadkill Cafe!


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JeanneMarie Photography - I think your picture of Lake Mead is simply stunning. Honestly, one the most striking nature photos I’ve seen.

Corey - JeanneMarie Photography Awww thank you so much for you kind words!!!

New Website!!

I finally cashed in my “freebie” from Blu Domain and will be getting a new website in the next few days.  So if you have a bit of a blip and don’t know what is going on – don’t fret!  I’m still in business and I’m still here – just moving up in the world a bit!  A few of the photographers in the area have very similar layouts to mine and of course, I love to be the oddball!!!  Hopefully you will all love the new site as much as I do!

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