New Kids on the Block

I was a HUGE fan back in the day but due to random circumstances I was never able to see them live in concert as a kid.  I would have been elated to have nosebleeds but it never worked out for me.  I was able to see a few Joe McIntyre shows when he was solo (and met him many times) but I never did get to see the entire band and I always wished that I had got the chance.

When I found out that they were reuniting and were having a concert for the Today Show, I HAD to go!  So I booked my hotel, rounded up some friends and went to the show on Friday morning.  We camped out old school for the show (like you had to do to get tickets before the days of online ordering!) and had a great time.  We all had brought things to keep us occupied but chatted so much we never were bored.

The concert was great, the guys were great and we had a blast!  I got to relive my childhood a bit and take some pics so I was a happy camper!  I was about 4 rows back on the side of the stage but thanks to my 200mm zoom I was able to get a few decent shots through the mass of people.  I figured that I am not the only fan around so I’d post these for you all to enjoy.  Of course I took a LOT more than these but this is just a tasting of what I saw!  Enjoy!

This is my view from my seat/position in line.  We were about 70 or so back from the front of the line which was by the time the show started over 6,000 people long!

Donnie Wahlberg during the soundcheck.


Donnie Wahlberg during the soundcheck.

Danny Wood during the soundcheck.

Danny Wood walking on stage getting ready for the performance.

Joey McIntyre and Jonathan Knight test the wet stage.  It’s not the best image due to the pancho ahead of me but it captures the feeling of the day, it had been lightly raining since about 5:30AM but when they were getting ready to go on stage the skies opened and it was pouring!  Jordan Knight slipped as they were walking across the stage and they were testing out their moves on the slippery stage.  No one fell during the show but it was only due to some sort of miracle!

Donnie singing to the fans.






  1. Deanna says:

    omg!!! i am soooo jealous! those are awesome pics…. i, too, was (and am still) a new kids fan! i remember begging my mom for some overpriced cheap-looking hat simply because it had the new kids logo on the band! i still have that hat!!! i totally missed the concert, both in person and on tv!!!i caught the very end of it, having not heard about it. i know, i know. some fan i am!!! haha. still, thanx for the chance to “see” them vicariously through your pics!!!

  2. Corey says:

    Deanna thanks for the lovely comment! Glad I’m not the only fan 😉 The Today Show has the concert online as well as People Magazine I believe. There’s also videos all over You Tube from their concerts all weekend. They are touring in the fall – keep your eye out for a concert near you! 🙂 I’m definately going to the Cleveland show!

  3. Kelly says:

    haha! That’s too funny!
    Back in the day I had a neon pink NKOTB fanny pack. Now I realize that thing is dated in every way possible.
    What’s really funny is how wrinkly the guys are now.
    I hope you had fun in NYC!

  4. Elizabeth P says:

    I saw girls with signs from Ohio, I wonder if it was you! 😀

  5. Corey says:

    Elizabeth – nope that wasn’t me! There were a LOT of girls from Ohio there, but I’m not the sign kind of gal. I feel that it’s rude to the people behind me. That and one year a friend of mine went a step above the “signs” and made a “sign”on a HUGE pair of undies, tie-dyed them and threw them on stage at Joe (in his solo years). There’s nothing in my mind that will top watching him read those (they could have fit about 5 of him in them). 🙂

  6. Kate says:

    Haha, love it! My first ever non-mix album was their Merry Merry Xmas album, a gift from my parents. I was totally bummed that I got that instead of one of the real albums. 🙂 Love the shots, you tell such a great story. And, hey, they’re still pretty cute, those kids.

  7. Corey says:

    Kate – ha ha, poor you! Someone perpetually “borrowed” my Merry, Merry Christmas tape and I never got it back! For nearing 40 they are actually looking pretty darn good (especially in real life which my 12 year old little self is still giddy about).

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