Miss Sydney in City Park

Next up was Miss Sydney’s portraits when I was at City Park in New Orleans. I did a quick mini session with her and then did another later on in the day on Gulfport Beach. I’m glad that we had the time later because I quickly found out, as I mentioned before, that Sydney wasn’t having posing much since her best friend Petra was nearby AND a playground. I can’t blame her, if I were younger I’d have been itching to play too! Here’s a few shots of Sydney in a skirt I got her last Christmas, isn’t it adorable? Just wait until you see the outfit I got her for her 3rd birthday, it’s a HOOT!

I nabbed a few shots on the steps of Peristyle before Sydney wanted to follow Petra down to the water to see the ducks. I love her smile and I am glad I caught it!

I was lucky to also grab a profile shot of Sydney, not an easy feat on a fast moving 3 year old!

A quick smile while looking at the ducks in the pond.

Sydney is taking dance lessons and agreed to show me a move of hers. Not quite sure what it is… but it’s cute!

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