Travel | Port Clinton, OH

For the 4th year I made my yearly trek to Port Clinton, OH for a small vacation/mini break with friends and family-ish.  My “godparents” Rob & Nancy (my Dad’s best friend and his wife) and their friends have been going for about 20 years, they started inviting us after we got married and it’s always a good time.  It’s fun to get away close to home and have a good time with some wonderful people.  Sadly hubs couldn’t make it this year but hopefully next year.

I didn’t do much sight seeing this year.  Mostly I just relaxed on the deck and read.  It was a well needed break at the beginning of July!


skinny girl margarita birthday giftEvery year we celebrate the birthdays for those that have hit a new decade, this year we had two 50’s and one 60.  Dawn turned 50 and received a Skinny Girl Margarita and I guess thought it was funny 😉


Rob also turned a decade – 60!  He and my Dad were 3 weeks apart in age, it’s hard to believe my Dad would have been 60 too!


Nancy also turned the big 5-0 and one of the people that goes with us always gifts the bday people with hilarious items to wear!


The 3 bday people!  LOL!


I love this image of Judy!


sunset in Port Clinton OhioSunset #1 of many.  While the nuclear plant doesn’t really lead to a pretty skyline it is what it is!  

I will laugh at this picture for years.  YEARS.  🙂


sunset over lake erieAnother night, another sunset.  I think like snowflakes, you can’t have two identical sunsets.


Lake Erie in OhioThe next day it was crazy how big the waves got on Lake Erie.  It was hard to capture from above but it actually reminded us of the ocean, especially at night when you could just hear the waves.


sunset reflection in sunglassesEvery now and again you have to do the cheesy sunset reflection in sunglasses shot.


Lake Erie sunset in Port Clinton OhioYou wanted more sunsets?  Good thing because this one may be my favorite!


kid portrait at sunsetThe kids have learned that I take awesome sunset portraits so whenever the sunset is right they start clamoring for their turn in front of the sunset.


kids portrait at sunsetAnother portrait of a bunch of kiddos!  These guys are all related to one of the groups that come and they are all such good kids!


kids portrait at sunsetA final portrait which may be my favorite one of the kids this year!