Corey Talks: Cameras at the Table

Professional picture courtesy of Brooke Mayo

When I was a bride last year, I heard over and over how pointless cameras at the tables were and what a waste of money they ended up being.  However, being the picture lover I am, I wasn’t listening to all the naysayers.  I knew that no matter what, there would be cameras at my tables.  The trick I have found to having cameras at your tables is that you have to control your guests to a point with them.  Thanks to a random Knottie, I ended up with the best idea that worked WONDERFULLY – a scavenger hunt! 

Each table had a camera and 10 pictures that they ‘had’ to take (leaving the other 14 for random pics).  Each table had ‘a group shot of your table’ (I’ll get to my theories on table shots for your pro photographer on another day) and the other 9 were random things that were different from the other tables.  The problem with this was that I neglected to have a prize – which I would highly suggest having.  Once the word was out that there was no prize, my guests lost some (but not all!) of their enthusiasm for it.  Still, the pictures that came back were priceless and so fun!  I am SO incredibly glad that I did this!  This could also be easily done with digital cameras too at a wedding with a gallery to upload to instead of leaving the camera. 

This is what was wrote on my cards:   

I’m your camera, so scavenge around,

Hunt for those pictures that need to be found!

Shoot away and complete the list,

Find moments that the photographer missed.

Snap away as best you’re able,

Then leave me right here at your table!


¨  Quietest guest

¨  People taking polaroids at the Guestbook Table

¨  Groom’s sibling dancing with someone

¨  Someone hoping no one is watching

¨  Biggest smile

¨  The hungriest person at your table

¨  A couple acting like newlyweds (but aren’t!)

¨  Bride and Groom laughing together

¨  Fortune Bouquet toss

¨  Group photo of everyone at your table


Please remember to use the flash
or the photos will not come out right!


An image of someone hoping no one is watching (my flower girl getting her drink on – don’t worry she didn’t really drink it!)






  1. Andy Drake says:

    I loved this idea and we love photo contests in general. SeeYouThen is a wedding photos website that enables guests to upload their digital photos in one spot. I saw this article and now have the team working on enabling this for our website. We’ll be working on a “how to”.

    We of course recommend not using disposable cameras but having guests bring their digital cameras and upload their high-res photos. (Create the contest and the categories, and then the guests can upload and “tag” their photos. Friends, family and guests can vote and comment on them to determine the winner after the wedding) It will keep the party going and everyone gets a great laugh!

    This will be a lot of fun! We’ll let you know what we come up with but would love your feedback. We’ll send you a link when we have it done.