Corey Talks: My Wedding: Details!!!

I love detail shots, LOVE them.  I think part of why I strive to make sure that evert little detail is captured is because Brooke did such a fantastic job for our wedding.  I didn’t really have a ‘theme’ per se for our wedding, I had a feeling – which was the beach.  Cream, blue, green, sand and shells.  Everyone thought I was crazy, especially back in 2007 when EVERYONE had a very detailed THEME to the wedding.  I bucked the trend – and ironically now it’s becoming more popular to not have a structured theme!

yellow house on whalehead beach

The house that we rented for the week, where the ceremony was located behind.  If you are looking for a house to rent, I highly recommend Tequila Sunrise in Corolla


ivory heels

I loved my shoes – even if I only wore them for a small amount of time.  I got them at DSW!


flower girl basket with shells

The flower girl basket that I made filled with tiny shells.


sexy little bride hoodie

I got this cute Victoria’s Secret hoodie the night before at my bachelorette-ish party.  It was when it first came out, but it’s now a staple at most weddings I see!  Confession: I still have it even though I know I’ll not wear it out (almost 3 years later I don’t think I count as a bride anymore) but I love it too much to part with it!  However if any of my future brides want to borrow it, let me know!  I may part with it for the right person LOL!


detail shot of rings on sea oats

I love sea oats… and this is by far my favorite ring shot.  LOVE.


starfish wedding invitation

Our invitation which was custom designed for us by a local in the Outer Banks.  I love love love this and it turned out perfectly!


starfish wedding menu

This is my DIY menu that picked up on the star on the invitations and programs.  While it’s not elaborate, I am quite proud of this!  However… that basho wood paper is IMPOSSIBLE to work with!


entrance to the saltaire event home

The entrance to the home we rented for the reception, The Saltaire (some pics from our wedding are on their site).  The starfish on the door were from our florist Renee Landry and we still have them hanging on our front door.  Another detail I  loved.


cake table with shell cake and bouquets

The cake table with our bouquets on it, which Lisa informed me is a Southern tradition.  The cake was from Argyles and it still to this day is the best wedding cake I’ve ever had.

outdoor wedding reception

The tables that were on the verandah of the house.  We put some here and some by the pool in case of inclement weather.


round table with hurricane candle and shell centerpiece

The round tables we had near the pool area.  It took me a long time to come up with a favor that wasn’t lame, fit in with our look for our wedding and wasn’t a darned cookie.  Cookie favors were HUGE then.  I ended up with scallop shell wine stoppers and they were perfect!


candle and shell centerpiece

I LOVED my centerpieces.  I had sent Renee things that I had envisioned and she did a marvelous job with them.  Everyone raved about how beautiful they were.


votive and shell centerpiece

The centerpieces for the square tables were just as pretty and I adore the candlelight!


bacon wrapped filet appetizer

Now for the delicious food… first the appetizers.  Here we have the bacon wrapped filet bites.  My brother in law devoured an entire plate of these.  They were delicious!

Sadly my caterer went out of business so I cannot link you to rave about the food of hers!  🙁


basil tomato and mozzarella appetizer

Basil, mozzarella and tomato!  This was my personal favorite.


shrimp starter

Finally the shrimp… which was so good it was sinful.


Is your stomach growling yet?  Mine is!


caesar salad plated

The caesar salad, which was absolutely delicious.


kobe beef entree with lobster

The main dish!  Kobe Beef!!!  Lobster!!  AHH!  SO GOOD!  In all the meals I’ve eaten in my life, this is still bar none the best meal I’ve ever had.

I also ate the lobster, which I loved.

I generally hate lobster.

Hate seafood.


Yet that day, I figured hell I paid for 40 + of these suckers, I should try one.



lobster and kobe beef entree

I didn’t make you quite hungry enough yet so I think I need another shot of my yummy entree.

Holy moly this was delicious.

PS: I had enough for my vendors too, it’d be cruel and unusual punishment in my book to have them take pictures and smell this without being able to eat it.

Next up is some fun reception shots… we got a wee bit wild!

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  1. Chris Lin says:

    Dude, that food looks delicious.

    The bride in one of my first weddings as a second had that same hoodie!

  2. Adamnjessica Jones says:

    I love this!