Engaged | Nancy and Jack | Lakeview Park

At the beginning of May we had this engagement session scheduled but due to a nasty line of storms rolling through, we opted to move the date to last Friday.  All day last Friday the wedding was amazing – even when I left North Canton to head up to Lorain’s Lakeview Park, the weather here was gorgeous with blue skies and white fluffy clouds.  However the closer I got to the lake, the more and more the sky darkened.  When I got on I80 it got even worse.  Then BAM!  TONS of rain started pouring down, thunder was shaking the car and visibility was non existant.  I’ve drove through some bad rainstorms, even a few hurricanes, and this topped that.  I’ve never seen so many cars pulled off on the side of the road due to the lack of visibility.  I’m talking at least 100 cars!  However, since we had already cancelled one session I was determined to make it to this one!

Finally I made it to Lorain and thankfully all of the storms were juuuuussssstt skirting to the south of Lorain.  The entire session was rife with thunder and lightning in the distance but luckily from a safe distance!  The wind picked up and kept the heat and humidity at bay so the session was actually pretty perfect weather wise!  Nancy and Jack were such a breeze to work with and ridiculously easy going about everything.  While we didn’t get the fabulous sunset we were hoping for, we still had a fantastic time.  Can’t wait to see these guys again in September!

 engagement picture holding hands in ohio

kissing forehead in engagement picture in ohio

dip and kiss in lorain ohio

Loooved the light in this little spot near the trees!  I also LOVED Nancy’s adorable manicure with the heart on her ring finger!

kissing cheek over the shoulder in engagement picture in lorain ohio

You can really see the heart on her nail on this one, adorable isn’t it??

engagement picture in a rose garden in lorain ohio

Back to my favorite rose garden with another favorite picture!

lakeview park in lorain ohio engagement session

lakeview park in lorain ohio engagement session

engagement portrait in Lorain ohio at sunset


  1. Kate McElwee says:

    LOVE the rose garden photo… so pretty 🙂

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