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Photography Mentor

About a month or so ago I noticed this guy named Robert Evans friended me on Flickr.  I am nosy, so I checked out his pictures and was completely floored.  Then I read his blurb about himself and what he’s shot and I about fell over – this wasn’t some pervert that had a foot fetish.  This was a serious photographer whom had some amazing shots and had also shot one of my favorite wedding shots (the one of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston was taken by him).   I perused his site for longer time than I should probably admit and then came back to earth and started flipping through the flickr stuff.  I quickly found out that he was upstarting a new photography business called Photography Mentor.  I came back to earth with a bit of a thud because I realized that this amazing photographer didn’t see my pictures and was impressed, he was looking for some people to join the newest photography revolution. 

I was willing to be a good guinea pig and check out things and was mildly impressed.  However I’ll admit one thing right now, the thought of talking to other photographers about my work scares the crap out of me.  I had a disasterous experience with a local photographer that wanted to mentor me and I’ve pretty much avoided them all since.  However I kept thinking back to Robert’s amazing work and the idea of the site and kept pondering the ideas that maybe this could be something that could work for me and help my business grow.  So, much like my horrific wedding dress experience (oh trust me, it was horrible) I decided to suck it up and get back on the horse again.  There was a charity auction For Thirst Relief International with a lot of photographers where the winners of the auctions would win a mentoring session with various photographers and Robert Evans was one of them.  I decided to bid on him until I won.  Sadly the auction site kept having issues and I was unsure if I won or not when the time came.  I found out that I came in second place but the silver lining for me was the fact that the winner wasn’t going to WPPI and I was so Robert was kind enough to agree to still mentor me.   I also signed up for Photography Mentor as part of this deal.

I poked around the site a bit last week but it wasn’t until this week that I sat down and really got into it and I am so glad that I did this.  There is so much information to be had on this site.  Not only what to shoot, how to shoot and so forth but there’s also quick tips and even cheat sheets to help you be the best photographer you can be.  It is definately worth the money by leaps and bounds.  It’s so awesome to have so many professionals WILLING to help out other photographers.  It’s a really nice atmosphere.  There are many aspects to the site including the forum, tutorials and assignments.  It’s still so new that I think they are also learning as they go as well but so far I’ve already learned a lot.  I can’t wait until it gets into the real swing of things!

I will report back after WPPI and let everyone know how my mentoring session went.  It can’t get much worse right??  😉

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Christine - So? How was the mentoring session? I’m still so bummed that I didn’t win the one I was bidding on! But it is ok – I got to meet so many people (YOU!) and learn so much at WPPI, it is all good.

Shootsac Arrives!!

I finally got my long-awaited Shootsac today!  I immediately loaded it up and after a bit of rearranging I think that things will work out nicely.  I will reserve full critiques until I have taken it out on a shoot though.  I also got my two covers “Gold Strike” and “Thankful.”  Wait are you saying what I said?  I thought I got “Tranquil.”  I think there was yet another messup for my poor sad order.  “Thankful” is a beautiful cover but the color-coordinating freak in me doesn’t like the shade of brown that is predominant in this fabric with the black.  I wrote to the company so we shall see how things end up.  I really DO adore the “Gold Strike” though and I think the shimmer is just fantastic!!!  I am very glad that I was able to get this cover!

 Edited to add: Wow, Shootsac is really aiming to please, they are sending me out the “Traquil” tomorrow!


Gold Strike

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laura kay photography - ohhh i love the gold strike! i love my shootsac too! i just wanted tell you how much i like your new blog! =)


Laura Thank you so much for the nice comment about my blog! I adore the Gold Strike cover, it’s so beautiful! I think I’m going to really like the Shootsac once I get to go out and use it!

Kelly Segre - I love my shoot sac, it has made life so easy. Keep us updated about how your mentoring session goes!

WPPI with a slice of shoes!

I will be out of town from March 11th- 20th because I will be attending WPPI in Las Vegas with a dear friend of mind, Kelly Ward.  WPPI to those of you that are not photographers is a huge convention that a lot of photographers go to every year.  I’ve never been so I’m quite excited.  I hear it is a great time – you learn a lot and you also get to meet some fantastic people.   Kelly and I are also flying in a day early to go to the Grand Canyon and to hit Route 66.  I can’t wait to travel with a shutterbug.  My husband is very tolerant of the “STOP!  I want a shot of that!” schreeches but I can imagine that it does get old.

So shoes.  We must talk footwear.  I’m a shoe girl.  Love the lovely shoes.  I keep chanting to myself “do not go to Manolo… do not go to Manolo” because I live in Ohio and there is no Manolo to be seen here.  Last March I took a trip to NYC to see The Drowsy Chaperone and also wanted to hit up Manolo when I was there for some kick butt shoes for the wedding.  Instead I ran into Ty Pennington and never made it to Manolo (true story).  So I still have yet to make it to my shoe-god store.  However… I have some shoes to cover the bases until then.  If you see me in Vegas heading towards Manolo do what you have to to get me away!  😉  Anyways… the reason I bring up shoes is because a friend sent me a pair of unusual shoes for Christmas.  I have an obsession with bubble lights and she found these somewhere and decided they must be mine.  I love them.  But… they are dangerous and well.  Here look…


Now you see what I mean?   Not exactly your average shoe… but they DO make a statement!  So I’m on the fence on if I’m taking them with and if I take them with if I am BRAVE ENOUGH to wear them in public.  But of all places in the world, I really think Vegas will be able to handle these babies long before Ohio will.  So… yay or nay?  I think with jeans I may be able to get away with it.  Maybe…

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