Chevy Girl on the Go!

A couple months ago, a past bride of mine Sarah sent me a link to an application to be a Chevy Girl on the Go for their time in Cleveland.  I applied and then found out I wasn’t chosen (bummer!) and went along my merry way.  A few weeks later though I was contacted and ta-da!  I’m the new Chevy Girl on the Go this month!  What does that mean??  It means that I’ll be driving a 2011 Traverse this month so if you’re familiar with my 2009 GMC Envoy I’ll be tooling around in something different for most of September (I can’t drive it out of the area so I’ll be hopping in my Envoy for some weddings) and blogging about my adventures here as well as on Chevy’s site.  So be prepared to be inundated with some Traverse stuff in the coming month.  However, I promise since I’m a photographer it will all have picture goodies 🙂  Each week Chevy will be sending me on missions and I’ll be reporting back my thoughts on each mission which includes seeing how much groceries I can fit inside and other fun trips.  I look forward to taking you all along my adventure!

2011 Chevy Traverse in red

A shot of the Traverse right after delivery.


FTC Disclosure:  The Girls On The Go campaign is being sponsored by Ohio Chevy Network Dealers who gave the chosen bloggers a 2011 Chevy Traverse to test drive for one month and blog about our experiences using the vehicle.  Girlfriend Getaway has given us some fun projects to do and will be providing us with gift cards to allow us to do this.

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