September 11, 2009

Eight years ago, what were you doing?

I was busy planning on making a life-long dream come true, I was planning my first trip to NYC which was to happen that weekend. We had a room booked at the World Trade Center Mariott and I couldn’t wait to get there and see the sights, hear the sounds and do some serious shopping!! However, I quickly found out that the dream vacation wasn’t going to happen. I sat in shock as I watched the building collapse and then The Pentagon got hit. I will always remember the day as if it was yesterday and I am sure all Americans will.

Had I not have started a new job, I would have been in the hotel at the time of the bombing as we originally planned to spend the week in NYC.

Eight years ago, Roberta Bernstein Heber, headed off to work like it was your usual Tuesday. She was 60 years old and the Assistant Vice President of Marsh & McLennan. She didn’t come home.

Roberta Bernstein Heber was a loving wife, mother, daughter and grandmother. She stayed home with her three children (Melissa, Robyn and Stuart) during the day and went back to school at night to earn her Master’s Degree so that she could provide a better life for them all. After her final child was a teenager, she went back to the workforce with her new Master’s Degree in hand and secured a job with Marsh & McLennan. It was quickly noted what a valuable worker Roberta was for her attention to detail and strong work ethic and she was promoted through the ranks. While she may have been a superior, she still had close relationships with her co-workers and considered many of them to be her friends.

While work was important to Roberta, the closest thing to her heart was her husband, Jack, her children, stepchildren, mother and grandchildren. She always took time out of her week to go visit her mother whom resided in a nursing home. She was also anxiously awaiting the birth of her newest granddaughter, Rachel, who was born September 19th.

Roberta was many things to many people but now she is one thing: sadly missed. Take a moment from your day and remember Roberta along with the other 2996 victims of 9/11/01.

This blog is part of Project 2,996.

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