Rehearsal: Maureen & Mark – Atwood Lake Resort

When Maureen booked me, I was so excited because I absolutely adore Atwood Lake. However up until Maureen & Mark’s Rehearsal, I had never been to the Lodge – just the marina on the other side of the lake. To say that I was stunned with the spectacular views from their ceremony location in front of the lodge is an understatement. I’ve been to a LOT of venues in Ohio (and beyond!) and I have to say this is one of the most beautiful locations I have ever seen. The evening started off like most rehearsals, lots of laughs and a bit of confusion. By the end of the rehearsal process, everyone was straight on what was going on, when things were taking place and most importantly, when to kiss! While everyone hit the bar up, I ran up to their outdoor BBQ setup above the lodge with yet ANOTHER spectacular view to get some detail shots before everyone arrived. Maureen & Mark wanted a casual dinner for their friends & family rather than have anything formal. They had a tent set up and fans brought in just in case it was hot (it was plenty breezy though so the fans weren’t needed) and then the typical BBQ fare was served – hot dogs, hamburgers and the like. Then to top it all off they had a fire going for later when the kids (and adults!) could make smores and enjoy the evening. Such a perfect way to celebrate family and friends!!

Thanks to Maureen and Mark for having me there!!! Stay tuned for their AMAZING wedding which includes my favorite couple shot that I’ve taken so far!

Views from the ceremony location

Saying their ‘fake’ vows – they were saying their own vows and wanted to save the surprise for the wedding day.

I love how Maureen and Mark laugh and laugh together!

The all-important kiss!

Maureen’s brother’s walked her down the aisle since her father is no longer with them. It was an honor but yet a bittersweet moment when they practiced their walk. Having lost my father not long ago, I’ll fully admit to tearing up right along with everyone else.

On the second round of practice, there were very few dry eyes left!

While everyone was getting ready for the dinner, I was taking some detail shots at the BBQ area on the golf course.

Doesn’t this look amazing? I’m not kidding when I keep saying the setting was so beautiful!

The bridesmaids!

Maureen & Mark – such a great couple!!!

The BBQ Rehearsal Dinner underway as I departed!! I heard from all that it was a great night and one of the best rehearsal dinners that anyone had attended!

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