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•  Last year we lost our cat Sage to an unknown liver disease.  We tried our best to make him well but after many tests, drugs and different therapies he just wasn’t getting any better.  To make things worse, he ended up picking up a respiratory infection from being in the vets so much and that was what really took the toll on his little body.  He was such a sweet cat and it was so hard to see him so miserable.  I was so sad to find out my friend’s own sweet kitty, Oreo, was having problems similar to Sage.

•  Oreo’s Mom decided to have me come over and capture some images of Oreo while she was feeling good “just in case”.

•  While there I snagged a few pics of Oreo’s brother Collin as he was too darn cute watching the iPhone!


black and white cat sitting in the window

When I arrived this is where Oreo was sitting, as if she was waiting for me to arrive.


black and white cat sitting on a bed

After I captured a few images Oreo led me to her favorite spot in the house.


black and white cat sitting on a bed

Did I mention what a sweetheart Oreo is?  SUCH a love!  I’m sending many good vibes to Oreo right now, I hope you do too.


toddler boy watching iphone

Isn’t Collin adorable???  I’ve been hoping to take pictures of him for a long time and I am so glad that I captured a couple this day!



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  • Tiffany N ErtleFebruary 27, 2014 - 11:05 PM

    Aww I forgot about these pictures you took of Oreo. <3 It was so nice of you to do this for Jen. She actually adopted one of the kittens born at my home. Marshmallow is sister to my Oliver.ReplyCancel