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•  Sorry for the lack of blogging!!!  This month through the beginning of October is the busiest of me for the year!!!

•  It’s hard to believe that Milan is already a year old!  I met him for the first time a year ago, then did his 6 month portraits and who can forget his parents wedding?  He is too cute for words.

•  These pictures were actually taken on his birthday, that doesn’t get to happen too often!

•  I don’t have any kids and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not really kid friendly.  I just am nervous around them.  My brother was 8 years older than me and since I was the youngest in our extended family by over 6 years, I never had any experience with young kids growing up.  I was the one that trained everyone else!!  So it amazes me when little kids like me since I am essentially clueless about them.  Milan LOVED me.  He wanted me to hold him when I was leaving and wouldn’t go back to his Mom no matter what.  I have to admit, it was kind of an awesome feeling to know that he liked me and normally isn’t like that with strangers.

He’s a charmer for sure!

I love that he has stuffed animal friends!

He had just started walking a few weeks before the shoot but still thought crawling was a faster way to go most of the time.

I can already see his senior pictures being compared to this to see how much he’s changed since he was little.

As an avid reader (already hit 100 books this year that I’ve read!) I love this picture so so much.  Favorite.  I mean really, what else do you need in the world?  He’s got a good book, his favorite stuffed animal and his family close by.  I’d say that is the ideal life!

However, this pouty face is kind of awesome!

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