Family: The Reed Family

•  Colleen is a local photographer and has worked with me in the past (and will again this summer), I was super honored that she asked me to take her family portraits!

•  She also has a wonderful blog where she talks about being a Mom of twins Ethan and Olivia and other of life’s daily issues.

•  The Reed family has had a heck of a year, I’m hoping that for them, the second half passes much more calmly with the most exciting thing being the twins first birthday.

•  There are few things that I admire more in a person than the ability to stay positive in spite of what life throws at them.  I’ve never once heard or seen Colleen say that life has been unfair to her.  She’s a superwoman (and Eric a superhero!).

•  We went up to Mentor Headlands for this shoot and it was the babies first trip to the beach!

•  The day was unseasonably HOT and the sun was BRIGHT.  Made for some cranky babies!!  However… they were still darn cute even if cranky!

•  The cottonwood was insane.  It was blowing so much that it looked like foam on the water and you had to be mindful to not swallow some!

Colleen sings songs that she’s made up for the kids, here Ethan is pointing to his sister as Colleen sings “this is my sister.”  ADORABLE!


Well… 3 out of 4 looking at the camera isn’t bad!!!


No pictures please!


Nom nom nom!




I love this one so much!


This is my favorite though!!!


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